Thursday, 8 May 2008

The aaah factor

Listening to: Confusion (New Order)
Weather: still glorious, but wind picking up
Birdwatch: swallow in the pig shed this morning.

There's a serious attack of cuteness in the pigshed where Kim's piglets are still doing fine (said he, tempting fate).

There's little to say - just as well as I finally flopped into bed at 4.30, half-an-hour after dawn - except that Kim has been marvellous. Saddlebacks have a reputation as excellent mothers and she is gentle and careful with her litter. She clearly knows a damn sight more about pig farming than I do.

Here's a shot which shows you just how big she is - or, alternatively, how small the piglets are. . .

After almost a full day of suckling, the piglets have stopped long enough to allow Kim to eat, drink and provide a little more fertiliser for next year's potato crop. They are snuggling up together under the heat lamp in their creep (nursery area). . .

Molly is very close to farrowing now. She has been flat out for most of the day and gave a couple of drops of milk when I felt her teats this evening - only eight to beat.

Oh yeah, amid all the piggy excitement, I almost forgot. The Boy took and passed his driving test yesterday. The lanes of Devon will not be the same. Well done lad.


Brad said...

I'd make a very poor pig farmer.
I'd make pets out of all of them.

Z said...

That is almost unbearably adorable

dinahmow said...

Well done, sows. And Malc, too, I guess, for not falling to pieces at the climax!
Pleased all's well.

dinahmow said...

I note that Dave (in a most un-Dave-like manner!) says that he will be cross if he has to wade through 99 comments when he gets back. He's already got 86 waiting so I'm not going to add straw to his hump!
Will you please pass on this message?

smart said...


Is it a girl or a boy or a girl or a boy or a girl or a boy or a girl or a boy?

KAZ said...

Belated congratulations.
I shall wet the babies' head tonight!

Ginni Dee said...

Talk about cute-overload!! They're just adorable!!

Wow, they make mama look like a behemoth!

I'm curious many males and females? What are baby boy and girl piglets called? Sows and boars? Gilts and farrows? (I heard that somewhere...I think on the farm report) Come on Mr Pig Farmer...educate us!

Arabella said...

Isn't it strange? They're completely adorable and I still fancy a bacon sandwich.
But really - excellent job Farmer Malc and resting mothers.

Richard said...

Has the Most Northerly Pedigree British Saddleback herd got a name yet?

I'm starting to salivate already.

Malc said...

Just written a load of witty replies to your comments which Blogger has wiped out. No time to repeat process now - off out for a beer.

mig bardsley said...

Barney wanted to know why I was making odd cooing squeaking noises, I showed him the piglets and he said "very nice".
They are enchanting. Enjoy your drink :)

andrea said...

I have a newfound appreciation for pigs thanks to you. I could do this I think. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kim's got a smile on her face :-) Way off the charts for cute!

Reg Pither said...

Can I have one? Can I, can I, can I, huh? I'll love it and pet it and hug it and kiss it. Promise.

fiwa said...

Yay for the boy!

I'm with Brad, it would have all been over once I saw those piglets, they are just too cute.

Well done Malc!

Anonymous said...


Can I have one? When it poos, you can have it back. This is my policy for all babies.

Now, onto that sausage machine...

Malc said...


It's OK, they turn into obnoxious teenagers pretty quickly.


Shouldn't be allowed, should it?


There was nothing to it. Kim made the whole thing easy.


Six boys and two girls as far as I can tell.


Cheers. Have one for me.


A gilt is a female that hasn't had a litter. Don't know if there's a term for a young boar. A barrow is a castrated male.


Hello stranger! Nice to know you're still about. When's the blog returning?
I had pork sausages while the birth was going on, so I know what you mean.


Here's a gift for the identity thieves (although why anyone would want to be me is a mystery). I suppose they would be the Stoneyhall (pronounced Steenyha') herd.

Malc said...


Have a nice time. You deserve it.


Barney sounds like a very sensible type. Possible farming material.


I can recommend it. It's good for the soul.


Kim is a very content mother. she's got a lot to smile about.


Fortunately the cuteness doesn't last for ever.


I'll send a couple in a jiffy bag.


Fritz will be in operation pretty soon.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

those pictures are


(I'm seldom lost for words)

making me smile!

mig bardsley said...

He would if he wasn't already a thatcher. He prefers reed to pigs. Odd creature :)