Saturday, 26 April 2008

The waiting room

Listening to: Grounds for Divorce (Elbow)
Weather: Heavy rain last night. Sunny and windy today.
RIP: Humphrey Lyttleton

So, John-Paul the pig breeder rang yesterday and we've come to the conclusion the dates are definitely wrong. It didn't take a lot of working out.

The latest theory is that - despite appearing to be getting it on - the boar didn't do the business when previously thought. That was obviously a trial run. . . foreplay, if you like.

It seems that he was saving the lead in his (corkscrew-shaped) pencil for the big one 21 days later on the sows' next cycle, which means that Kim is due on Tuesday and Molly a week later. Both look ready, Kim's teats are swinging nicely - if that's the right word - and she's about as uncomfortable and grumpy as most pregnant women are shortly before giving birth.

However, I'll believe it when I see it.

* I was sorting out some seedlings in the porch this morning when I spotted this wren in the bay tree. No idea how he/she got in.


Rosemary said...

Love the blog, Malc. And the wren - my favourite wild bird. Hope Trev doesn't nab him!

susi said...

Just a note to let you know that I very much enjoy reading your entries.
As regards the pregnant pig situation - we have kept sheep for fifteen years now and have learned from nerve-racking experience that the appearance of the animal is a better guide than supposed lambing dates, I suspect the same is true of pigs.
Best regards.

Brad said...

Caution Malc, I hope there are no pregnant women in the local vicinity.

We've got two she-goats in heat and no Billy. Their antic are pretty entertaining.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

imhcyonly 4 mothers to be left in the field here....c'mon hurry them girls up! Blimey you gave good old Shrewsbury a slating in the blog below ....could do worse ...telford?

Richard said...

Elbow = excellent.

I didn't realise that the wren is apparently our most common bird yet you rarely see them.

fiwa said...

Poor ladies, I bet they'd like to get it over with too. It can't be comfortable having your belly hang so low to the floor.

How neat about the wren. Did you manage to help it find it's way back outside? We had a very smart looking Chickadee couple checking out our bird house a few days ago. You could almost see them weighing the pros and cons of it as they took turns sitting on the peg and peering inside. I hope they decide to rent for the summer.

elizabethm said...

Well roll on D day, or B day or whatever it is. Will be checking up.

Betty said...

Wrens do seem to have become a lot bolder and more common (well, if our garden is anything to go by, as they were seldom seen until this year!). Noisy little buggers they are, and apparently the males put it about a bit - the Russell Brands of the bird world, if you will.

Malc said...


Hello. Trev is too busy exploring the rolling acres (all eight of them) - and I've never seen him move fast enough to catch any bird, let alone a wren.


Hi. The appearance is definitely the indicator. The sows are obviously getting closer as their teats are starting to develop into udders. Won't be long now.


Brave man, I've always thought there's a reason why goats are linked with devil worship.


I love Shropshire very much, but I'm not keen on any of its towns with the obvious exception of Bishop's Castle. Shrewsbury is nice to look at, but is full of middle class nimbies and rednecks - I actually prefer Wolverhampton.


It's not often a song stops me in my tracks, but Grounds for Divorce did.


The sows are getting quite grumpy now.

I've just googled 'chickadee' - I didn't know they were a kind of tit, I'd always thought it was just an American term of endearment. The USS Chickadee was a navy minesweeper - that must have struck terror into the Japs.


Rolling is about all Molly can manage at the moment.


That Brand chap is way too noisy for my liking.

Do Wrens excuse their promiscuity by claiming to be sex addicts?

I'm starting to sound like my Dad.

KAZ said...

Much prefer the wren to the sow's teat.
And how do those tiny birds make all that noise?

Ginni Dee said...

I love your header...what a handsome pair of chickens! Are you getting many eggs yet?

When the weather is bad, very bad...and you're sleeping soundly...and you momentarily forget the piggies are due...they'll happen! Teats, bellies and size means's all about timing. It's usually the WORST possible time you could imagine. LOL Just kidding (well not really but...) It sounds like birth is imminent. Hang in'll have piglets before you know it.

Trevor is adorable! So is that wren. They are such sweet looking birds.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

'Scuse me ..its Tuesday.....I'm here ...where are the piglets?
Come on here expecting to see huge front picture of piglets and what pops up? Two chickens.....come on malc get your act together ...your public awaits you ..

ziggi said...

what/where is BBC7?????
Radio? TV? Sky?

boo hoo hoo
I can't find it!

and I love TP - he lives quite close (apparently) but I've only ever seen him in Waterstones, although Himself tells me he has written to PHQ with his feelings regarding Camera Safety which are very much my own. Lovely chap.

Those piglets will be here on Thursday - told you that already stop fretting!

I, still, ♥ the views said...

I'm currently debating whether to see Richard Hawley at the RAH, except it's the day before I move house so it might not be very sensible. . .

glad they are not overdue - for your sake - it's bad benough being a pregnant female, but being a pregnant overdue female really takes the biscuit (to put it politely)

oh, BTW, your good self and the travelling reverend are invited to a small bash chez moi on Thursday, RVSP ASAP, please!!


Malc said...


I've never fondled a wren, so I couldn't comment.


I've really stopped fretting now. They're on their way some time.


OK, we're doing our best here - promise.


I'm no Pratchett nerd, but I really feel his contribution to English literature is still shamefully underrated. Erudite slapstick is the way Tony Parsons once described his work, which is good, but there's so much more in there.

OK, take a deep breath. Go to the BBC home page and find the radio section. That should give you a choice of stations, including BBC7. Click on that and it will start broadcasting whatever comedy/drama/children's thing is on, but it should also give you a list of what's been on in the week (I recommend Dad's Army, Hancock's Half Hour and The Goon Show - don't worry, it's still 2008). Small Gods is being dramatised and there's an interview/documentary about Terry somewhere as well.


Go on, you know y6u want to go. And so what if you're moving house? It's just moving a load of boxes.

The roving rev will reach the centre of the universe (Westray) in time for breakfast on Thursday. We'll check in then. I think he's in for a bit of a shock - we're a bit like the Beverley Hillbillies.

mig bardsley said...

Love the wren photo - they're so quick, I'm impressed you got such a good shot.

(corkscrew shaped? Really? Coo!)