Friday, 7 March 2008


Listening to: McAlpine's Fusiliers (The Dubliners)
Weather: Sunny, chilly and (at last) dry.

It's been a quiet week on the croft/farm/smallholding (never sure what to call it) so, apart from a couple of 'pigs dig hole, trainee pig farmer falls into hole' incidents it has been hardly worth tiring the fingers out on the keyboard.

Egg production has dropped off considerably since Adam the cockerel arrived. I'm putting it down to a combination of the hens not liking change and the dismal wet weather. I reckon it's time to get a few more in.

The lads are growing well since their move outside. I've upped their rations and, despite spending most of the day up to their 'knees' in mud, they're a couple of happy boys. Teddy the Shetland pony continues to delight the ladies. The two mares in the neighbouring field hang over the fence with tongues hanging out. I hate to point out that, even if he had the necessary equipment, the lad would need a step ladder to fulfil their deepest desires.

Molly and Kim, the two Saddleback sows from Thurso, were due to arrive here yesterday, but a minor paperwork cock-up (not mine, for once) means they are still over in Scotland and will be here next Thursday.

That's given me more time to upgrade the facilities in the shed. I've filled in a load of cracks and holes in the walls, built a concrete feed trough and I'm halfway through putting in a creep (nursery area) where the piglets will be able to go to avoid being accidentally laid on by the sow.

That's going to involve me cutting some concrete blocks in half with Mr D's stonecutter - a terrifying piece of kit that constantly threatens to slice off limbs and digits. So if I never post again you'll know what's happened.


Rol said...

Severed limbs should not stop you. If you can hold a pencil in your mouth, you can still tap out posts on the keyboard...

fiwa said...

The step ladder crack made me laugh.

Uh, not to sound like a nagging woman or anything, but you're not going to use the stone cutter when there's no one around, are you? I only ask this because MY husband likes to climb up on the roof of our house to limb the trees when I'm out of town.

Virgin Porker said...

ooo, sounds very swish this set up for your sows. Eric & Ern'll be most jealous that the girlies are getting all of the special treatment...

VP x

I, still, like the views said...

I was going to suggest your nose for the keyboard contact, but actually fiwa probably has the safer suggestion

if you don't spill the milk, you won't be crying over it

hope the sun continues to shine for you over the weekend!


ps: we really have to get this cinder toffee thing sorted; the Crunchies just don't do it for me anymore since you mentioned cinder toffee (Crunchies being contaminated by all that cheap crappy chocolate - I upgraded myself to a Dark Bounty Bar today)

ziggi said...

bounties? bleugh!
cheap chocolate on crunchies? is it? really? I've always rather liked it and what is cinder toffee? where did this come up?
heck I'm behind the times1 DoI have do a read-back?

Dave said...

I was going to suggest sticking a pencil up the nose.

Ginni Dee said...

I'm with Fiwa, about the pencil and having someone else around when you are using the cutter. The last time my man was cutting something** when I wasn't here(about a week ago) he got a nasty cut and had a hard time getting the bleeding to stop. When I got home, I was greeted with "I almost had to drive myself to the emergency room!" No one should use sharp, dangerous, limb-threatening objects when home alone!


**Okay so it was his turn to cook and it was a kitchen knife and he was cutting up veggies for dinner... not quite the same...but he bled like a (pardon the expression boys) "stuck pig".

Malc said...


No pain, no gain huh?


I'm being very careful, promise.


The lads seem quite happy with The Somme.


Sunny on and off today.

Not keen on Bounties - there must be an old fashioned sweet shop selling cinder toffee where you are.


It goes back to ISLTV's previous blog and her 'Thank Crunchie it's Friday' thing. I suggested cinder toffee was better as it is basically a Crunchie without the chocolate covering and it reminded me of a shop in Moffat - a lovely town maybe 40 miles south of Edinburgh. It's near Biggar, but bigger.

You had to be there really.


Aha! The Homer Simpson method.


I have heavyweight, steel-toecapped boots, thick gloves, goggles, ear-defenders. The only thing I'm worried about is the gentleman's zone.

Dave said...

A cricket box. The old-fashioned steel type.

Mangonel said...

Like I,LTV's musical box?