Saturday, 1 March 2008

Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood

Listening to: Think (Aretha Franklin)
Weather: Marti Pellow
Birds: Hen harrier hunting rabbits

It's been raining. . . a lot. There's water standing everywhere, mud all over the place - most of it on my boots. Still, all that heavy lifting is good exercise for the calves and thighs.

I'm a little concerned that the acre I was hoping to have ploughed up for potatoes will never get done - there's no way a tractor can get onto the ground the way things are.

And the pig paddock has turned into a swamp. I'm tempted to kit the lads out with lifejackets. . . or maybe install a flume/slide for them to play on. . . or get out the windsurf board.

There are large pools all over the place and this morning there was one right by the door of their hut. That meant they couldn't help but trail mud and dirty water into their bedding which was filthy and wet by the time I went for the daily bout of barging, bumping, squealing and general silliness we like to call breakfast.

So it was I found myself with a strong north wind whipping about my ears, being nudged and jostled by two inquisitive pigs as I pulled the bedding out of the hut.

The wet straw filled in the mini-lake at the entrance to the hut and a couple of buckets of sand and chips (gravel) sorted out the wet patches inside before I put fresh straw in.

The lads seemed grateful - at least they didn't try to eat any bits of me or my clothing which made for a pleasant change.

Geese - an apology

My last post claimed I had seen barnacle geese on the bottom field. I was, not for the first time, talking out of my nether regions. They were greylag geese which look totally different. I can only apologise to geese everywhere.


fiwa said...

I think pigs LIKED mud? Or is that just an old wives tale?

And if you think the boys are bad about nipping your clothes and person, just wait till the GEESE hear about this misidentification thing. Geese hold a grudge.

Z said...

I saw the weather forecast and thought of you...

Dave said...

I understand pigs roll in mud, as this then prevents them getting sunburned.

If so, it does seem odd that the places least likely to run the risk of excessive sun get the most rain.

ziggi said...

pah! call that mud? I have real mud, old mud, last year's mud, my wellies will see your wellies and leave them standing (in the mud). I have mud fever and terracotta ponies and it didn't improve while we were away.

It's true about geese holding a grudge too.

Reg Pither said...

Don't tell me, all us barnacle geese look the same to you? Geesist bastard!!

Ginni Dee said...

And geese can be very mean when they are holding a grudge!

You take such good care of your piggies. But they do love mud, or at least that's the hearsay!

Malc said...


The boys do indeed love the mud, but I've worried about them getting their bedding wet.


We got off fairly lightly compared to parts of Scotland.


That's known as life, I think.


Don't you come round here with your muddier-than-thou attitude.

How was the honeymoon?


Sorry, can't reply now. I'm just off to the goose awareness group.


The geese are gathering in the bottom field again. I swear they're talking about me.

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

> I'm a little concerned that the
> acre I was hoping to have ploughed
> up for potatoes will never get
> done - there's no way a tractor
> can get onto the ground the way
> things are.

Could you enlist the pigs to do it for you?

Hannah Velten said...

Your pigs are lucky to have you...

Anonymous said...

Ah, the idyllic side of pig farming. Who would have thought ;-)

mig bardsley said...

Perhaps they need a moat?
Anyway I'm glad to hear you're recycling the wet straw.

Malc said...


A good plan, although I think I've left it a bit late for two pigs to clear a whole acre.


That's what I told them.


Idyllic if you like mud, cold and wet.


A moat might save on the electricity for the fence.

FirstNations said...

the barnacle geese were HERE! seriously; we had a big flight of them in the cornfield behind my house the other day. they told me to apologize, in turn, to you. all is well in the goose world vis a vis you.

Ginni Dee said...

Malc, have you heard this one yet??

Of course, I thought of you since you're the only British pig farmer I know.

Sorry about the singing, they're pig farmers, NOT singers! LOL

Ginni Dee said...

Hmmmm...looks like it didn't come thru right. Just go to YouTube dot com and type in "Stand by your Ham".