Sunday, 16 March 2008

Hello ladies

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Drinking: Tetleys (tea)
Nursing: wounded rugby pride

Following requests from at least two people, here are the first pictures of the new sows. That's Molly, the younger of the two, on the left.

The ladies have spent most of the time since arriving asleep (when they're not eating or squabbling over food). That's hardly surprising considering they've had to move house (always stressful, I think you'll agree) and they are the equivalent of six or seven months pregnant.

So they're taking it easy and not really up to the full photo-shoot. Kim has been especially reticent. She has been snuffling and snoring and you'll have to wait to see just how enormous she is.

Just for now - here she is. . .

. . . and another of Molly, who's a bit of a sweetie if you ask me.


Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

They are adorable! :)

Dave said...

I gather pigs are quite good at converting scruffy weed-infested areas of grass into clean bare soil, all ready for planting. Judging by your header picture, the lads seem to be doing the job.

Will you be rotating them around the entire smallholding, so that the ground will be prepared for you to grow huge quantities of pineapples (or whatever is the staple crop of your islands) ?

Ginni Dee said...

Oh Malc, they are just adorable! And they DO look like giant Oreo cookies! I can't wait to see Kim in all her hugeness! She looks rather massive just lying there.

Are the girls bred to Saddleback males? Will the piglets be little Oreos?

Thanks for you must remember to be as dutiful about posting photos of Molly and Kim's babies when they arrive. I know many of us, your faithful following, will want to see regular photos so we can watch their development.

Well, maybe all except for Reg! (But only because he'd probably want one!!) ;)

Richard said...

Lovely, very attractive sausage factories Malc. I must admit to be struggling with the Oreo thing though. Whenever I see the advert (yes, they're trying to sell the revolting things over here now) I can't say my immediate reaction is to think of a packet of small pigs.

mig bardsley said...

Oh aren't they splendid!
what big eyes they have. Is that to compensate for the big ears do you think? the last lot of pigs I looked at closely had really, er, piggy eyes :)

Like Dave, I'm impressed by the lads ploughing!

I, still, ♥ the views said...

they remind me of the small plasticy pigs that I had in my farm set when I was little. . .


Anonymous said...

Abu HAMsa, hehehe.

Sorry a bit delayed.


Malc said...


I'm glad it's not just me who thinks so.


Yep. The area they are in now was like the section behind it four weeks ago.


Yes, plenty of pics no doubt.
Not sure about Reg and pigs. Reg and a bacon sandwich yes, but live pigs?


Think of scratchings.


Molly really is a love. She uses me as a scratching post and loves to have a rub behind her ears.


The Britains farm set? My friend had those when I was about seven. I had American Civil War soldiers, but then I was always the history geek.


You see what I did there? Totally by accident, I admit.
Are you and Shelly coming to visit?

ziggi said...

I think Molly is quite lovely, I shall comment on Kim when I've seen her more closely.

When are you going to want suggestions for piglet names?cencn

ziggi said...

the cencn which slipped in there was the WV - it escaped from it's box, I wondered where it went, it's obviously been taking tips from Spike.

FirstNations said...


and don't they have a nice area to live in? thats really cool, malc. they've really churned it up. you'll need to have a garden there next year!

Richard said...

Have you still got your Britains soldiers? I worked for a toy auction site last year, they could be worth a bit.

Anonymous said...

Definately, can't wait.J

ust a case of trying to get 2 weeks off work.Wanna surf with the seals.


I, still, ♥ the views said...


piglet names!!

how exciting. . .

*scratches head*

(that'll be the nits, not the names)

(now I'm humming that salsa song "a little bit of Monica. . .")

fiwa said...

my god, they are GINORMOUS! I hope they're not as rowdy as the boys.

Very impressive pig pen in your new banner picture - they look like they are in heaven in all that mud!

Katie said...

What lovely pigs you have! Sorry, you've been tagged by me. Yes, another meme...

Malc said...


Middle of next month. I had considered naming them after bloggers.


It's lovely when the sun is out (as it is now), but a bit exposed. The lads are getting through loads of straw.
I plan to put potatoes in next year.


I haven't, but my mum probably has - she never throws anything away.


Great! Love to see you both any time. September is best for seals.


You and Ziggi can get thinking over the next few weeks.


They are much quieter. They are heavily pregnant after all. The boys seem to love the mud.


Oh, right. Will do it as soon as I work it out.

Donn said...

They are the pinnacle of porcine perfection.
Silk purses be damned those big floppy ears are beautiful.
They look ever so sowphisticated.