Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Big Momma

Listening to: Stairway to Heaven (Led Zep - it's been that kind of a day)
Two pints: of lager
Weather: snowy, but starting to warm up a bit

The weather is never dull on Westray. We had gales on Friday so Sally's eldest daughter and my "little 'un" (5ft 11in of 15-year-old daughter) had an interesting trip north.

Setting off from Birmingham, The Youngest managed the full hat-trick, throwing up on two planes and then a ferry. I suspect if it hadn't been Friday afternoon the boat wouldn't have sailed and they emerged at our end an interesting shade of green/grey.

Both took a day or so to recover fully, by which time it was snowing. Sweeping in off the North Atlantic, the snow left a light covering over the fields, the wind building up drifts in some places - notably our front door. Still, it was very picturesque as you can see in this shot of the view from our front door of Tuquoy Bay and Fitty Hill. . .

It is, of course, business as usual in the pig shed where the mighty Kim rules the roost and Molly and I have formed an alliance which - until the mortar dries and she can move into her own quarters - makes sure she gets her fair share of food and bed space. It's a delicate situation that requires careful handling because there's no way I'm getting on the wrong side of a very big pig. . .


The Birdwatcher said...

Thats some view from the front door. I can hear the curlews crying and calling.

ziggi said...

if there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now will you?

nice snow, we had some but it didn't stay to be photographed.

FirstNations said...

good for you! the pigs have a nice ball to roll around!
my neice used to barf at the very mention of a car ride; forget a ferryboat. to this day I shudder to think.

Hannah Velten said...

I go away for a few weeks and you've gone pig mad! And soon to have lots more, I see. Wonderful to see the rare breeds being championed...sausage machine at the ready too. Are you going to promote them as Westray Sausages???

Ginni Dee said...

The pigs look happy! How are the chickens doing? Is Adam doing his job at keeping the hens safe and happy?

Hope you're well...looks the same at your place as it does at mine ...the snow I mean...not the ocean view or the mountain...or the other beauty. I just have the Mississippi River! Of course, I guess that's pretty cool!

fiwa said...

We had a tiny dusty of snow today, not even as much as yours. I think spring is never going to come. :(

Poor girls - I can sympathize with the sea sickness, it's awful. Everyone has loads of advice, which never really seems to work.

Stay warm!

Malc said...


There's a curlew by the kitchen window right now.


I know, I know. . . it's just a spring clean for the May Queen.


The ladies aren't too interested in football. Makes sense considering they're heavily pregnant.


The sausage thing is a kind of long-term goal/dream, but there's a lot of hoops to jump through first.


Hens? Watch this space.The snow has mostly gone now, but I liked the pic.

And the Mississippi is very cool.


I know what you mean about spring. After two days of snow and two days of sunshine, we're back to wind and grey dampness.

Nothing was ever going to help the girls on those seas. I winced as I saw the ferry struggle and bounce through the waves.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

what gorgeous snowy views! and such a cozy looking pig. . .

I'm yearning for that kind of thing - thanks for the virtual supply


Sis said...

Malc, I jumped over here from Ginni's blog...

Being just a country girl, I think I'm going to like it here. I'll be back to visit if you don't mind.

Ginni Dee said...

Hey Malc...Drop by my blog, I have awarded you the "E" award! Stop and pick it up.

mig bardsley said...

Wonderful snowy pictures. And the boys look really well :)
Keeping on the right side of a big bossy pig sounds hard to me. Best of luck with it :)

elizabethm said...

What I want to know is, having recovered from the journey, what do the younger generation think?

Zabigdog said...

All right, look. If you'd just go ahead and put it all in a book (or lots of them) we can drag you around the house and to lunch and out and stuff while we read, instead of being trapped at the computer for hours, scrolling for just one more story. I spent half the night and morning reading your blog like a book (including lots of out-louds to the laughing other person here). In the car this afternoon I danced around in my seat to that good old song by Credence Clearwater Revival, Looking Out My Back Door, and thought about the views from your dooryard 3400 miles away.

Add Baltimore to your fan list, if it’s not there already. (The one in Maryland, US.)

Malc said...


A virtual pig? I think there's potential in that idea, although virtual bacon wouldn't be as satisfying.


Hello. You Americans are so polite, aren't you. Welcome aboard.


That's sweet of you, thanks.


Kim is a sucker for a slice of apple and a scratch behind the ears. Bit like Mrs TPF, come to think of it.


Surprisingly positive. The Youngest was here in the summer and bored out of her skull, but has mucked in helping with the animals this time. Stepdaughter (a 26-year-old version of her mum, only smarter and townier) says it's beautiful, but cold. She's right, we have no central heating yet, but I don't notice any more.


You read the whole thing? Good grief! Several people have said I should write a book, but it's finding a different angle (and the time). The escape to the country thing has been done to death.

Drop the Leash said...

Gee, that pigs-rugby-Arctic Circle thing is pretty fresh....