Saturday, 2 February 2008

Teddy - the shameful truth

Listening to: Hancock's Half Hour
Weather: Freezing, light dusting of snow
Reading: Making Money (Terry Pratchett)

Teddy the Shetland pony came to us with a bit of a 'hard-man' reputation. He had duffed up his owner when she caught him by surprise while he was eating his tea (the equine equivalent of spilling his pint or looking at his bird, I suppose).

The haircut helped of course - a lovely thick coat, the kind you like to see in front of a log fire on a. . . errr. . . 'romantic' weekend.

And his mane is the finest Mohican I've seen since '77 (or Daniel Day Lewis, take your pick). While my son and stepson were here he became known to all as Mr T. I happen to know he's never been on a plane. "Pity the fool", "jibber-jabber" etc.

However, the image was shattered when I was rummaging through the desk for my cheque book, accusing Mrs TPF of hiding it (before I found it in my coat pocket - naturally). I happened to stumble across The Tedster's horse passport (he needs it to get served in pubs). There in big letters on the front was my little pony's name. . .

. . . hello Theodore!


Ginni Dee said...

Guess he'll command more respect now, eh? hahaha

Teddy fits him better tho. He's a cutie!!

dinahmow said...

To whom will it fall to explain that a "teddy" is also the name given to a lacy little camisole? Best you stick with Theo I think.

lettuce said...

its obviously compensatory behaviour

snailbeachshepherdess said...

i just lurve an animal with attitude!

Puffincentral said...

What's wrong with Theodore? Mind you, my Uncle Bob was an Arctic trawlerman, surely one of the toughest jobs going, and I often suspected his choice of career - as well as name - was to live down the shame of being christened Giles. Maybe Teddy has the same attitude to Theodore. Wasn't there an international incident involving a Teddy a few months back? Primary teacher in the Sudan. Was your Teddy responsible? Are you harbouring a refugee from justice? More importantly, did it snow?

mig bardsley said...

Those cute litle chaps are the hardest cases :)
On Dartmoor, before it became generally accepted that feeding the ponies was dangerous, they used to come twinkling up to the tourists, grab any offerings and then bite. On one occasion, not the hand that fed, but the left boob of the lady with the hand!
Not romantic!

Malc said...


His attitude is improving and he absolutely loves Sal.


I pity the fool who doesn't like a lacy little camisole.


No doubt. Being so short doesn't help.


Animals with attitude. We've got rather too many of them, to be honest.


Giles the trawlerman? Really? Great!
Theodore is all very well for a president of the USA, but not for an undersized mobile hearth rug.
That was about all the snow we got.


I've heard loads of stories about Dartmoor ponies - mostly involving suicide missions in front of cars late at night. Boob-biting is a new one, though.

ziggi said...

Theodore is betterer than Edward!
And he is a bit bear like too.
I think he's lovely but then I'm a sucker for bad boys of the equine persuasion :)

I, still, like the views said...

I'm reading Making Money too

Death doesn't feature enough for me, and there don't seem to be any witches (those being my favourite characters)(Death and the witches)(altho I do quite like an odd Wizard)

are you going to make use of that pony then? does he have a harness and a little cart, to take you to market - or, is he good for helping manure the verg patch? he can't be "a pet" surely. . .


I, still, like the views said...

(pony rides on the beach for the Small People of visiting friends?)

Malc said...


He'd be quite cuddly if he didn't try to eat your coat at the same time.
Can't quite think of him as a bad boy. Bit like trying to see the devil in Ronnie Corbett.


Sadly, the lad is going to be no more than a companion for Sal's horse Xena, who likes an audience when she's giving me a hard time.
He's a bit too long in the tooth to learn anything new and his bad leg means we'll never be able to put anyone on him - shame really.

I'm struggling to get into Making Money. Although I like the witches and Death, my favourite stories are Vimes and The Watch.