Monday, 25 February 2008

He's a dandy highwayman

Listening to: Subterranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan)
Weather: breezy
Nursing: sore arm after embarrassing attempt to play badminton
Nursing: sore head after embarrassing attempt to play euchre (card game - apparently)

It's a lot noisier on the smallholding this week thanks to Sally's companion on her trip with Baron von Richtofen and the flying circus on Friday.

As Mrs TPF staggered to the car, she clutched a cat basket containing the cockerel we had rescued from a fate worse than Provencale. 'Lucky' (as he was called at the time) had been quiet all through the trip, much to my disappointment. To my mind a terrifying trip in a small plane, buffeted by high winds and surrounded by lightning, only needs a cockerel crowing from the luggage hold to make it complete.

The basket was covered with a blanket, so I hadn't seen him. Therefore it came as quite a shock when he was let out in the hen house. He's certainly hard to ignore.

As you can see, he's quite the looker in an ostentatious kind of way and my first comment was: "He's a bit 1981, don't you think?" - "Just needs the stripe across his face and it's Adam Ant," said Sally. So Lucky became Adam and the trainee pig farmer had 'Stand And Deliver' rattling round his head for the rest of the day - great!

The hens seem happy he's here and they tend to go around in a big gang now. It's too early to see what effect it has on egg production, but we've had three in the last 24 hours, so no complaints.

He does the full 'cock-a-doodle-do' which does help to make the place seem just a little more like a real farm.

All we need now is a real farmer.


FirstNations said...

interesting that a rooster makes that much of an impression that quick! and cool, too.
your pigs look chubby and wooly... and happy with their new cottage, too!

dinahmow said...

Adam looks a little like one of my roosters. He was called Heinz. For reasons I shan't bother to explain...

Richard said...

Is the plan to replace the lost hens with Adam's progeny?

Betty said...

I've now got a vision of dozens of chickens doing the choreographed dance from the Prince Charming video on a loop in my head now. They're all crossing their wings as they climb up the stairs ...

Homey said...

What was that Adam Ant song..

"Roosters come, Roosters go,
how long I'll stay
I just don't know
When showbiz is a dirty word,
I hope my time will come

Crock-pot history and the right to lie"

Anonymous said...

Malc, that second paragraph has me smiling :-)

Puffincentral said...

Our cockerel was called Joshua. We ate him. I've never enjoyed a meal less. The hens behaved better when he was around, too. Can I interest you in some stewed penguin? No?

iLL Man said...

He certainly seems to be getting to work fast. You should take a little footage of him, use the blogger video option to show us all 'Prince Charming'. I'd quite like to meet him!

Anonymous said...

excuse me a moment...


All better.

He also sang a song about Mohawks, appropriately.

Anonymous said...

Great cock!

Malc said...


He's very much in charge. Only one of the hens is showing any independence.
The pigs are doing fine. Like any teenage boys, they've left the hut in a complete mess inside. I almost expect to find half-eaten pizzas and copies of Reader's Sows under the bedding.


57 varieties?


Thank you Richard, for believing that we have a plan.


Stop right there - the last thing I need is that back on my brain. All bloody weekend!


You have the advantage on me, sir, when it comes to Adam Ant lyrics.


It would be great wouldn't it. I felt very let down.


I'll pass on the penguin, thanks all the same. Bit fishy I suspect.

Ill Man

One of these days I'll master the technology. Watch this space.


He started off saying he wanted to combine punk with American Indian rhythms. Hence the face make-up.


Why thank you! Oh. . . you mean Adam, don't you?

Ginni Dee said...

He's beautiful. But don't tell him that...tell him he's handsome!

Ginni Dee said...

P.S. loveLoveLOVE(d) Adam Ant!

mig bardsley said...

I wonder what he was thinking of during the flight.

Malc said...


Trust me, he knows already.


Like many good-looking individuals, there's not a lot going on between the ears so I suspect he wasn't doing much in the way of thinking.

Arabella said...

They're all lovely of course but I particularly like paragraph 3.

Arabella said...

Bugger "show original post". That should be paragraph 2. Sigh.