Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Fathorse's tag

Listening to: Wild Wood (Paul Weller)
Just about to: walk the dogs
There's straw: everywhere

Finally got around to Fathorse's meme/tagging, whatever you like to call it, so hold on Fats, here we go.

*long pause while I try to remember the rules*

Right. . .

page 123, fifth sentence, next three sentences:

"They like a mash in the morning of such things as boiled vegetables, flaked maize, pea or bean meal, wheat meal and a little barley meat. Give them about half a handful each for breakfast and half a handful of grain in the evening. If you find they get fat, give them less." (Well, duh!)

The New Complete Book of Self-sufficiency (John Seymour).

I tend not to pass these tags along (don't mind receiving them at all), so the buck stops here. You can send me your chain letters as well.


Anonymous said...

Brillian, Malc! If I were to play, you'd fall asleep before the end of the first sentence :-)

Malc said...

Looking at it a second time, I suspect 'barley meat' is a literal. I think 'barley meal' makes more sense. We've got stacks of the stuff.