Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Up, up and away

Listening to: The entire 775 songs on the iPod (seems like)
Weather: worse the further south I got
Just had: first curry in weeks
Really need: to stop blogging and get to sleep

I'm worried. It's all going too well. I made it as far as Inverness without a hitch, using, in the process, a plane, a taxi, two buses, a ferry and a train. . . and my feet.

I woke up on time, had a bath and was outside admiring the sunrise 45 minutes before the plane was due. Westray gave me a little reminder before I left. . .

Mrs TPF drove me up to the airfield and I squeezed myself in to the mini-bus with a wing fixed to the top with ducktape. It's the first time since moving to Orkney that I've used the internal flight system and what a thrill.

I was wedged in next to Derek, a Westray man who sold us the hens, we had a chat, but conversation is tricky on a ten-seater aircraft only about three steps along the evolutionary chain from a Sopwith Camel.

And I was doing the tourist thing. We hopped over to Papa Westray (the world's shortest scheduled flight*), then flew back over Westray, Rousay and Orkney's West Mainland, catching a glimpse of both trainee pig farm HQ and the Ring of Brodgar - hard to say which I was most excited about.

The rest was so routine as to be dull, but a 5am train to Edinburgh has left me my first obstacle, so let's see.

* North of Scotland regional final winner of most boring fact pedalled to tourists/TV crews.


lettuce said...

i like flights in little airplanes - you really know you're flying, don't you?

happy birthday to your mum.
my dad was 80 over Christmas.


Ginni Dee said...

Hope the rest of your trip goes off without a hitch!

That sunrise is amazing.

Have fun!

Z said...

I like little aeroplanes too, especially old ones where the draughts come in. I island-hopped in the Seychelles in a similar plane on my honeymoon - we looked down at the sea and saw a shark.

elizabethm said...

I'd love to do that flight. Even if it the most boring fact every time I see the landing strip I think it looks great.
Hope your journey south goes ok.

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture! I love the view from tiny planes; you can see everything. I just HATE being in them. Happy Travels!

mig bardsley said...

Sleep well!
Inverness sounds like the verge of civilisation. No problem though, you'll be in Devon and out in the wilds again in no time by the sound of it :)

fiwa said...

Bleh, just thinking about being in a plane that small makes me feel sick. But it would be cool to see your farm from the air!

You remembered to get mom a present, right??

Silverback said...

Many of the flights into Key West, Florida are in small planes where you wear goggles and sit on the pilot's lap.

Jet2 have a similar service out of Leeds/Bradford but it's called First Class !

Hope you have a safe trip south.


Daphne said...

Lovely photos! Hope you have a good trip.

Malc said...

Hello all,


Yep, it really was flying and once I'd got over the queasy feeling in my stomach it was terrific. Sign me up for the Flying Circus now.


All's well so far.


Someone's always got to go one better, haven't they?


It's actually quite interesting. It's just that Orkney has been on telly a few times recently and the flight always crops up.


Hello! Where've you been hiding? The view was amazing.


Inverness? Civilisation? Well. . . .


No problem. A brooch made at Tankerness on Orkney, about half-a-mile from where mum's grandad grew up before he left for England.


Hello there! That'd be Yorkshire first class then!


Not bad for a mobile phone camera. Thanks.