Monday, 21 January 2008

Trains, planes and automobiles. . . and a boat

Listening to: Two Princes (Spin Doctors)
Packing: my undies
Trying to find: train tickets

It's been a beautiful day on Westray. The sunshine was actually warm for the first time in months. The sea shimmered and when it clouded over later in the afternoon, the rays of sunlight broke through in places to reflect off the water.

Excellent time to be packing my bags and going all the way to Devon, just as (if Radio 5 is anything to go by) England seems to be on the verge of disappearing under water.

Still, my mum is only going to be 80 once, so I'm off on my travels again.

I fly from Westray to Kirkwall tomorrow, having spent several happy minutes in our airport terminal. . .

. . . then it's bus to Stromness, ferry to Scrabster, bus to Thurso, train to Inverness.

Overnight in Inverness, followed by the 5am train to Edinburgh, change at Waverley onto the 10.05am direct to Exeter, collecting The Youngest at Birmingham New Street on the way through.

It's never going to go smoothly, is it?


Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip!

Is flying the only way to get off your island or are there boats too?

ziggi said...

not a chance!
Still you'll make it I'm sure.

Why have you put a picture of Durdle Door at the top there?

ziggi said...

actually I bet you've really only gone away to avoid Burn's night and the obligation to eat haggis haven't you?

Malc said...
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Arabella said...

No, smooth isn't going to happen, especially anywhere near New Street. But you'll have a crossword puzzle, a hip flask and a picnic basket, a blanket, galoshes and a swiss army knife so we don't have to worry about you?

fiwa said...

Wow - look at that new header photo, that is gorgeous!

That is not your airport, is it? But gee... that does look like an airstrip behind it.

Happy 80th to Mom! Stay dry & safe travels -

Ginni Dee said...

You're a good son, Malc.


Malc said...


We have two planes and two ferries a day to Kirkwall during the week in winter - one ferry a day at weekends, so you have to stay over.


I'm assuming Durdle Door (!) is in the south west where they specialise in peculiar names. Mary Tavy and Peter Tavy near where my mum lives always have me shaking my head in bewilderment- and Westward Ho! fully deserves its !.

The pic is of the northwest coast of Westray. Up there and all along the west coast there are stacks and blow holes, terrific cliffs full of seabirds in spring.

Burns Night is a problem on Orkney as all the Orkney pipers are double booked. They're all supposed to be going to Up Helly A on Shetland. Now THAT's a mad weekend.


You've seen me travel, haven't you?
I'm just going to sit back and let it happen. If I get to Exeter it will be a bonus.


Yep, that's the airport. There's no Starbucks, you'll be amazed to learn. And thanks. Bulletins as and when.


Damn, I knew I'd flush out a sane golfer. One of my brothers-in-law plays actually and he's a terrific bloke. Serve me right for going for a cheap laugh.
Opinion is divided on the 'good son' thing. Sports journalist and pig farmer weren't exactly mum's choice of career for her little boy, nor did moving to the other end of the country go down well.

Dave said...

There's a coincidence. My mother is 80 this year. And I've booked two weeks in the Orkneys (albeit not Westray) in May now.

ziggi said...

are you there yet?!

FirstNations said...

i think maybe he had to help crank the wings on the plane.

mig bardsley said...

Oh, it's the end of Wednesday. I hope you made it :)

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