Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Goodbye to all that

Watching: Factory, From Joy Division to The Happy Mondays
Just discovered: BBC iplayer
Getting: that fuzzy feeling out of my head

I vaguely remember the Benny Hill theme being played on a mandolin.

Well, it would have been, wouldn't it? Seeing as the accordian player had a chest infection.


fiwa said...

Are nude photos about to start showing up around the internet of the TPFs?

I laid in bed and listened to the fireworks, does that count as ringing in the new year? There were no hogmanays around here or I would have gone out.

Daphne said...

It sounds as though you had a good time. Probably.
Great shame about Terry Pratchett.

dinahmow said...

May even nae sae auld acquaintance no' be forgot. Have a good year!

ziggi said...

Is that really true about Terry Pratchett???


Dave said...
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Dave said...

Yes Ziggi, it was in The Times about a month ago. As we know, everything you read in the papers is true.

I don't remember midnight either.

Mainly because I was asleep.

Betty said...

When I put my head out of the door at midnight to see the fireworks going off, I noticed that there seemed to be a swingers party going on in the house opposite, and I was scared of making eye contact with anybody there, so I quickly went back indoors again.

Happy Noo Year!

Malc said...


Ye Gods, I hope not. Mrs TPF is a fine figure of a woman, but ask Pither about my physique.
Yes, that does count.


We did. And 'a shame' is putting it mildly.


Pardon? I have a feeling it will.


Sadly, it is. It's hit hard here as he's given us all a lot of fun and happiness over the years.
Add to that the facts that my mother-in-law shrivelled away and died over the course of six or seven years with Alzheimers and that Sal is a social worker who has specialised in dementia cases and it makes me bloody angry.


I believe what I read in some papers. . . after all, I used to write some of it. Not sure about The Times though.


How come I've never lived anywhere that interesting?
Happy New Ears to you too.

Cherrypie said...

Betty. I waved. I thought it was you. You really should have come across.

Happy New One, Malc

Ginni Dee said...

At least you can remember SOMETHING! That's good!

Happy New Year,