Friday, 28 December 2007


Listening to: Pet Shop Boys (Mrs TPF has got Radio 2 on again)
Eating: Mrs TPF's Christmas cake
Surf: 8ft, closing out
Wildlife: Grey Seals, Great Northern Divers, Whooper Swans, Golden Plovers, Shags, Heron, Common Scoters, Eider Ducks, Tufted Ducks.

We're heading for the new year with another member of the 'family'. Teddy the Shetland pony is the new kid on the block.

Ted belongs to a friend, but he's not been especially happy mainly due to a sore foot, so we're seeing if a change of scene will help.

As you can see, he's very cute to look at, but has one or two attitude problems - biting, butting, kicking. So he's basically 50 per cent mobile hearth rug and 50 per cent Glaswegian street fighter.

This is mainly Mrs TPF's department (the pony thing, not the street fighting. . . although. . . ) and she's made a fine little stable for him in the old cattle byre. He spends his days out in the top field where the two mares in the adjoining field have been flirting shamelessly. No surprise there as he appears to be quite well off in the trouser department, although - as Sal will tell you - size doesn't matter.

Long-term we hope Teddy will settle in and be a companion for Sal's Welsh Cob mare Xena who is due to arrive here in the spring. How he will get on with a horse who can be grumpier than Whitney Houston faced with a bottle of Sainsburys Basics fizzy water remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, in the pig shed, (we should really have a whirly link thingy like on the old Batman TV show) the lads are good and boisterous and I think I may have to get padded and armoured up for the morning feed.

To say they are enthusiastic would be to understate by several hundred yards. As I clamber over the hurdle into their pen, they are there jostling and shoving, covering my boots and trousers with a pint or two of the frothiest slobber.

I can take a bit of harrassment, but there has to be a limit and we reached that point this morning when, with my legs pretty much as wide as a 46-year-old, creaking, former 3rd XV rugby player can get them, Ernie made a dive for my gentleman's zone. Thank heavens for Levis and high quality zippers.

Mrs TPF raised an eyebrow when I explained why there were teeth marks around my groin, muttering something along the lines of "as long as I don't have to join in".

So, I've spent the last hour or so on the lookout for some protective clothing.

Reckon this'll do the trick.


ziggi said...

ooooo Teddy looks a love and sounds like Freddie!

How come you have grass?

fiwa said...

Well endowed ponies, Whitney Houston like mares, crotch-biting pigs... it's just a rollickin' time at the old farm.

So are the pigs biting to bite, or are they just excited about the food and you got in the way?

And is THAT picture actually you, behind the egg? I'm such a sucker for asking again, but I figure this one must be you.

Ginni Dee said...

I was wondering about the egg pic too. Is that you??

I have a cure for that ornery time you and a group of your buds are in your cups, and feel like a little pony ride...each one of you have a go at riding the little nipper! (After his foot is well, that is) Take turns until he's worn down...then just give him tons of love. It will help adjust his attitude when he realizes that you can master him...even if it takes all day. I used to own and train horses and a group of my men friends cured a wicked pony for the child who owned it by this method. It really worked! That pony never nipped, bucked, kicked or otherwise abused the child, but would allow him to ride with no trouble. I think that pony figured out that dealing with one child beat the hell out of a boatload of big hefty men, any day!!

As far as the pigs' ill manners go, you're on your own there! Pigs are too smart for me!

8 ft. waves? Wow, I'd love to see those! How glorious.

Ginni, under 6 1/2" of new snow

barb michelen said...
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Dave said...

That sounds like the life for me. Except I think I'd prefer somewhere warmer.

Malc said...


Teddy is a bit of a star, he's settled in really well.
The grass is still pretty good, a bit of a surprise considering the wind and salt that batters it on a daily basis this time of year.


I hope it's just excitement. Who wouldn't be excited by my appearance? And, yes, that's me.


Not sure your cure is one I want to try. He hasn't even been broken in - he's about seven so it's probably too late.

Snow? Lucky old you.


Good decision. It's very wet and windy today.

I, like the view said...

I too wondered about the Teddie / Freddie connection. . .

my fave Pet Shop Boys album is the one they made with Liza M

maybe I need to visit iTunes!

am loving the new get-up - is Mrs TPF going to have a matching one?


nikkipolani said...

I think I'm much too chicken for ornery ponies and excitable pigs... but you seem to be up to the task! Or at least Mrs. TPF :-)

Cherrypie said...

That outfit looks very similar to the rubber dungaree ensemble the RNLI provides for its wonderful volunteers. You could join them, get the protective clothing and become every thinking woman's fantasy in one fell swoop.

Malc, Malc. Are you still listening?

Malc said...


I've never got on with the Pet Shop Boys somehow.
It's not Sally's colour.


Sal is well on top of things, considering she's a born and bred city girl.


Love the way you're thinking. Where do I sign?

Dash said...

Is it just me or does Teddy look like a pantomime horse to anyone else too?

Are you sure he's real?!

dinahmow said...

"The Edge of Nowhere" by Malc. Illustrated by Thelwell?

Malc said...


'Mr Ed' seems real enough. At least he seemed it as he broke free and made a bolt for the mares' paddock last night.


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