Sunday, 2 December 2007

Do the Shake 'n' Vac

Listening to: Heading for the Sunshine (Saw Doctors)
Drinking: Very big mug of tea
Weather: Still, chilly, broken cloud

The sun is breaking through the clouds, eggs are boiling (got another this morning), dogs have been walked, hens fed and watered, pigs' potatoes are on the stove, happy tunes whistled - it's a grand start to the day.

I have the polishes, sprays, dettol and suchlike out and, as soon as I've finished this, will be whizzing around the place, cleaning anything that stays still long enough.

Mrs Trainee Pig Farmer is on her way back north (she should be just north of Inverness now) and will be back home tonight.

Sal has been south for two months now, doing a few weeks of freelance work to earn enough petty cash to get us through the winter. It hasn't been a lot of fun for either of us (Mrs TPF's jaunt to southern Spain apart) and it's not something we will be repeating unless it's absolutely necessary.

I feel we're coming to the end of a first phase. . . a settling-in period, if you like. I've got used to looking after the pigs and feel ready to take on more animals and, come the spring, plans are in place for putting the land to use. I've picked out an acre for planting potatoes and other root crops, while about a third of the bottom field will be set aside for summer pig housing and fencing.

I've got a much better idea of what needs to be done to the house and buildings than I had when we arrived and we can spend Christmas getting some proper plans together ready to take to the council in the New Year.

Two months on the farm on my own have dragged. This is a smashing place and I feel very lucky (particularly on a day like today) but there's only so much time you can spend enjoying the view without having someone else to talk to about it.

I've learned a few things about myself, the biggest being that, despite being an only child and having spent a lot of my life on my own, I'm not as comfortable with my own company as I thought.

This blog has been a big comfort. I've enjoyed visiting other bloggers and receiving your comments as I blunder my way through life. I'd always been a bit sniffy about the concept of internet 'friends', but (at the risk of being horribly mushy) thanks so much to all of 'you lovely lot' (as I,LTV would put it).

Anyway, where's the dusters?


fathorse said...

I love it when a plan comes together, don't you?

I know what you mean about internet friends too - I always thought I'd rise above blogging and not take it too seriously... but the people here are so nice...sigh.

How little I knew...

Dave said...

Having met some of my imaginary friends during the summer, I must say that the internet does put one in touch with some very strange people that one would never otherwise get the chance to speak to.

PG said...

Yep, if I didn't have the internet I'd go for days without speaking to anyone apart from the local Co-op and my lovely partner, and having met several of my web friends in person I am pleased now to call them real friends. I think it is brilliant the way it puts people in contact with each other!

Daphne said...

Hurrah for t'internet, say I - yes, it's happened to me too that internet friends have turned into real friends.
Also, you have actually done what some of us out here would like to have done but don't have the courage or have too many family commitments blah blah - - so I for one am cheering you and Mrs TPF every step of the way!

Dash said...

Good afternoon, Malc.

When you have finished the cleaning, can you pop round to mine and do a little bit of light dusting?

I'll put the kettle on for you.

Z said...

We maybe won't expect to see quite so much of you for a few days - have a great reunion.

Until you make friends through a blog, you don't believe it will actually happen, but they are real friends and we all care about each other. Odd, but lovely.

Which some of us are, as Dave implies. Well, he didn't actually say lovely, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Malc said...


This plan has some way to go before it comes together, but we're on the right track.


There's a lot of strange out there.


I have started to go a bit odd from time to time here by myself, but I think I'll be OK now.


I can't quite believe we did this. It sort of just happened.


Is there cake?


Lovely is the word. . . but maybe spending a little less time on-line wouldn't be a bad thing for a change.

ziggi said...

Hello Mrs TPF hope the place was up to scratch!

I, like the view said...

having met dave I can agree with him that the internet does put you touch with some very strange people that you'd never otherwise get the chance to speak to. . .

. . .only kidding

it's all sounding hunky-dory for the coming months, glad Mrs TPF will be back with you shortly

now you'll have someone to bake lots of lovely cakes and biscuits for! as well as sharing all the other glorious things your new life is presenting you with

enjoy your reunion


Betty said...

Enjoy your reunion. I know what you mean about not having someone to talk to, despite the fact that I've always enjoyed my own company. If it reaches a point where you start talking to yourself, then you need to start worrying.

Mind you ... "I must say that the internet does put one in touch with some very strange people that one would never otherwise get the chance to speak to" ... ha ha, that's exactly the reason that I don't want to meet other bloggers!

Reg Pither said...

You do realise that we all talk about you behind your back, don't you?

Malc said...


Up to scratch? The subject of a future post, I suspect.


I've always felt that about Dave.
The baking has begun.


I did actually resort to talking to the pigs - not good.

I'm torn between my curiosity over what other bloggers are like and the desire to keep the fantasy that everyone out there is a stand-up, decent chap/chappess.

Having said that, the only blogger I know is Reg (an old chum and colleague) and they don't come much stranger.


I'm hurt. That'll cost you a pint or five in the World's Best Pub next week.