Thursday, 13 December 2007

Guaranteed to raise a smile

Listening to: Just The One (Levellers)
Drinking: the long-awaited return to Guinness.
It's: late, but my sleeping patterns are all shot to pieces.
Mileage: 1,440.

"You know Dad," said The Youngest, chewing thoughtfully on a piece of nan bread, "they cancelled the second half of the science lesson because the police wanted to talk to our year about drugs."

She pushed the last bit of chicken around her plate and slurped at her Coca-cola. "I think the teachers are worried. They seem to think half the school is on drugs," she continued.

"They're so wrong. . . it's way more than that," my baby added, peering hopefully into the now empty curry dish.

Err. . . right.

Although she was probably just enjoying shocking her old man, I went through the routine "are you clean?" business and she said she was and I believe her.

I'm just a little rattled at how she's grown up kind of suddenly. I haven't been away that long, but 'my little girl' is a distant memory.

Something else she said made me smile. I was doing the painful 'father asks 15-year-old daughter what music she likes, hoping for Christmas present ideas' thing when she said, to my surprise, she liked The Beatles. "I was going through some of Mum and John's records when I found something called Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," she said with an expression that asked "have you heard of it?"

So, there'll be something Beatlesish in her Christmas haul this year. The White Album?


smart said...

So, did you get to Devon or what?

Malc said...

Yep, Christmas shopping in Exeter, surfing at Polzeath. A good trip.

See you tomorrow night?

Rol Hirst said...

That's about the age you should be into The Beatles.

If you have any sense, you soon grow out of them. ;-)

I, like the view said...

I received, an Xmas a while ago now, their recording made at The Beeb, a two disc album - some chat in between the songs, some songs never recorded

it's FAB

Malc said...


Hello there. I think it's a generation thing. I'm of an age where The Beatles were an integral part of my childhood. I'm not a massive fan, but, like my mum and Wolverhampton Wanderers, their music has always been there.


Nice idea. I think that would appeal to The Youngest.

Daphne said...

Your daughter's comment reminds me of taking a school party to see Romeo and Juliet - a very lively production starring a young Sean Bean.
"That was great, Miss," asked one girl as we were leaving. "Did he write anything else that we could see?"