Monday, 26 November 2007

Silver lining

Listening to: New Rose (The Damned)
Recharging: my batteries

Sometimes a cock-up turns into an inspired move. I was a bit deflated when I had to call off the trip to Kirkwall, but instead I got some of this. . .

. . . the view from the front of the house about an hour before sunset.

It has turned into a great day. The weather has been breathtaking (that's no exaggeration). Early morning colours developed into a bright morning, moving on to a couple of hours of cold sunshine.

Mr D came to help me get Lennox's battery charged (our battery charger is under a pile of other stuff somewhere in the barn). We dawdled around outside for a good while, nattering about nothing very much.

Then I took the dogs on a tour of the estate, they chased a couple of rabbits while I drank in the view across to Papa Westray to the north east and then Rousay to the south.

During my afternoon spell in the pig shed the phone went. It was the pig breeder from Thurso. He's trimming the size of his herd and did I want two sows, both of which would come 'in-pig' (i.e. pregnant). One is a Saddleback, the other a Gloucester Old Spot. Resisting the temptation to say: "Yes yes, oh yes please", I said I was definitely interested, but thought it best to speak to Mrs Trainee Pig Farmer first.

That's the other thing, Sal's back on Sunday, ending my two months in solitary. It was nice to have the place to myself for a while, but the novelty has well-and-truly worn off.

* GOOD DAY UPDATE: Got Lennox fired up again and took battery charger and cable back to Mr D's place, only to be hauled inside for vegetable lasagne (oooooh aubergines) and lots of red wine. Result!


Amy said...

Wow, two months is a long time, indeed. If that little image is just a glimpse of your view, I can imagine how glorious the rest was!

fiwa said...

Two months is a long time to be alone. I like being alone, but I want someone else to be nearby, does that make sense? Two months would weigh on me.

More pigs - and pregnant ones! How exciting. I hope you get to take them.

Puffincentral said...

Kemps (old-fashioned drapers opposite Woolworths)had men's thermals on sale on Saturday - only a fiver. Just in case you ever get to Kirkwall. The pregnant sows sound great. Hope they meet with wifely approval.

Dash said...

Hello young Malc,

I have just popped in quickly to say what a lovely view and a great blog. Please let us know any decisions about the new pigs!


Anonymous said...

oo encore de pigs - and miniature pigs too! Love that view - reminds me of home (even though home is in the southwest of england - pish, it's a tiny island really).

Malc said...


Sadly neither my mobile phone nor my photographic skills are up to capturing the real beauty of a day like yesterday. It's back to damp and windy today. *Sigh*


Two months has been too long, even if it was a necessary evil. I don't think we will be doing it again.

I reckon we will be having the pigs. We just have to work out the costs and sort out the housing.


Aaah, good old Kemps. I'll stop off for a luminous donkey jacket at the same time. The height of fashion on Westray after blue boiler suits.


Hello there. Looks very much as if we are going to be all pigged up soon. Need to get my finger out on the building front.


I love the south west too (my son lives there). I don't believe there is a more beautiful place on Earth than coastline of the British Isles.

Steven said...

Hi we have been on Westray for 6 weeks (Cotterochan). We haven't had the adventures that you have, but would love to see what you have done.


Steven said...

Should have ticked my email reply box.


Malc said...

Hi Steven,

We're just up the road (last farm on the right before the turn for Miller's Shop, blue barn door. Drop by whenever you like.

FirstNations said...

Are those heritage breeds? My knowlege of pigness is minimal. actually i have a million yeah,I've got to read your archives.
I'll tell you what, though, I envy you. You actually got away! I tried but the suburbs caught up with me out here like a spring tide.

do you read Sopwith Camel? he's at What Goes Up. he escaped too...similar background, left to restore an old railway station. man writes like a DEMON, too. you gotta check him out!

Steven said...

Thanks Malc will do.

Malc said...

First Nations.

Hi, hello, how are you?

Yep, those are what we call rare breeds, heritage breeds is just as good. I love Saddlebacks, they are cute, nicely behaved and taste delicious. I know less about Gloucesters but I'm happy to go with the glow.

Will strap on the flying helmet and goggles and give Sopwith Camel a quick spin above the trenches when I get a moment.

I reckon we've come far enough for the suburbs not to find us, but if they do they've got a hell of a shock coming.

Anonymous said...

So far my town isn't aware, but I tell you it SUCKS that my parents and Mormon sister found Happy Hour. I will carry on (almost) uncensored.

I, like the view said...

lovely photo!


Malc said...


I love the way you surprise me by leaving comments on past posts. It's like finding a fiver you'd forgotten about, or a single you haven't played in ages.

And I'm quite pleased with the results from a cheap mobile phone. Will try to do more once I've wrested the camera out of Sal's vice-like grip.