Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Pigs might fly

Listening to: Be-bop-a-lu-la (Gene Vincent)
Eating: Mrs D's rice pudding
Tying: Everything down

Brief break from the blog as I managed to bust the venerable laptop my brother-in-law had rescued from a computer graveyard. I was sitting there trying to find out whether the cooker I ordered three weeks ago was ever going to be delivered when something went ping, phut, phmmmmmmm.

Nothing happenened after that, so I have been deprived of access to pig websites, Reg's rantings and have had to do some work instead.

I'm writing this on Mr D's PC after a lovely dinner (tea? supper?} at their house on the waterfront opposite Pierowall village. We're waiting for the first real storm of the autumn/winter.

It's quiet outside, more still than it has been for three or four days, but it is no time to be lulled into a similar state of calm. All schools on Orkney have already been closed tomorrow and by the time I wake in the morning we should have winds of up to 80mph.

Nobody here seems particularly bothered - harsh weather being part of everyday life - but this is the only place I've lived where the weather is a genuinely interesting topic of conversation.

Anyway, the pigs have been tied down (Eric's foot is healing nicely, by the way), the hens shut in, the dogs glared at, cakes baked, milk ordered and collected, so we should be all right. . . as long as the ageing corrugated cement/asbestos roof doesn't blow off.


The Birdwatcher said...

I was thinking of you when I heard the forecast this morning. 80mph though! A nice gentle one to start the season off so to speak. Hope everything stays on.

fiwa said...

80mph is pretty impressive! I hope you don't lose electricity, but glad you've got some cakes baked just in case. ;)

martin said...

I hope that everything goes well in your first storm. The sea should be ripping as well....

I, like the view said...

got a wind-powered electricity generator? or is 80-mph a few gusts too strong. . .

hope everyone/thing/inanimate object survives intact

enjoy your cakes!

Reg Pither said...

Have you tried switching your computer off and then switching it back on again?

Malc said...


Yep, the Indian summer last month is a distant memory. Getting through a lot of baler twine.


The cakes are lovely. And Mrs D gave me some flapjacks last night. The snag is they are on Lennox's passenger seat which involves a 20-metre stagger into the teeth of the storm. I may, as Captain Oates said, be some time.


The sea is spectacular, but it's no day to be anywhere near it.


I would love to put up a wind turbine, but cost is a problem. A turbine to power the house and outbuildings is going to cost us around £16,000. Grant help is paltry. Until the Government take such things seriously - and I won't hold my breath - we are doomed.

We may, however, put up a smaller turbine to power the outbuildings and electric fences.


Yes - 20 years at the Express & Star taught me that at least.