Saturday, 17 November 2007


Listening to: Baseball Bill (Echo and the Bunnymen)
Drinking: cocoa on a Saturday night
Weather: steady rain starting to ease off

I was forced to take it easy today, partly because of the steady rain that started to fall at around 8.30 and has continued most of the day and well into the evening.

A stronger influence on my relative lack of activity was the fact that I woke to find my right arm pretty much seized up (pause for predictable jokes). It was at right angles and wouldn't straighten any more.

I first strained the ligament that runs past the inner side of the elbow a few weeks ago smashing an old concrete water tank with a sledgehammer - great fun, but there's always a price. I had some stretching exercises to do and thought all was well, but a day pulling nettle roots out of the ground has obviously aggravated it.

A soak in a hot bath and a handful of painkillers eased things and I set about light, indoor duties - washing, floor mopping, hoovering and so on. By 3pm I was pretty fed up and Radio Scotland was flirting with spontaneous combustion so hysterical was its big match preview (if only they'd known).

Rain or no rain, crocked arm or no crocked arm, I had to get out. I bundled the dogs into Lennox and we set off back to Taft End beach to have another look at the jellyfish.

I was a bit surprised to find them still there as the tides have been high over the last 48 hours, but they were lying around in their thousands. The light was better today so I had a chance to have a close look.

This was a larger one, maybe three inches across. I was stung by a jellyfish swimming off the mid Wales coast once, but that's where my knowledge begins and ends. I don't even know if these jellyfish are alive or not. Are they the stinging kind? What's a lot of jellyfish called? How come there are so many here (I'd always thought of them as a warm water creature)?

Still, it was an impressive sight. . .

. . . multiply that by a couple of thousand and you have some idea. In places it was impossible not to tread on them.

And, on the way back to the car, Owen tried to eat one. Idiot.

Incidentally, please excuse the quality of the pics. The light in the afternoons starts to go around two o'clock and Mrs Trainee Pig Farmer has the camera in Wolverhampton.


Anonymous said...

I suppose it's a school of jellyfish(es?), but I rather prefer the term 'posse'.

lettuce said...

i think jellyfish are really an alien life form.

what about a "squelch" of jellyfish?

and dusk at 2 pm? god i'd find that depressing i think.

Malc said...


Posse is good. How about a massive?


They certainly squelch underfoot (couldn't be helped, just so many). The light depends on the day, but it hangs on until about 4pm. Summer on the other hand is fabulous - in June it barely gets dark.

Anonymous said...

pod, herd, gaggle? Nooooooooooooo clue.

Malc said...

A nooooooooooooo clue of jellyfish. I like that a lot.

I could google it, I suppose, but this is more entertaining. Who needs the truth when you've got mindless speculation?

fiwa said...

Ok, I was going to tell you, but then I read the comments and it seems they're a lot more imaginative!

A murder of crows is still my favorite.

Malc said...

Murder of crows is, indeed, the best there is. I reckon the crows hired a PR firm to think that one up as it does the image no harm at all.

I think I know the jellyfish one too, but I'm happy to pretend I've forgotten.

I, like the view said...

shame they're not edible really, isn't it!

Malc said...

The Crambionella Orsini jellyfish is supposed to be edible, while in parts of Asia the Rhopilema esculenta is dried then soaked and shredded before going in the pan. Isn't Google great?

And, apparently, it's a fluther or a smack of jellyfish. A smack! Fantastic.