Friday, 2 November 2007

News from the treatment room

Listening to: Hope Street (The Levellers)
Weather: Dreech
Birdwatch: Five Whooper Swans heading south
Surf: 3ft messy

Good news this morning. It appears Eric's injury is not career-threatening, just a bit bloody painful.

Marcus arrived to help me take a first proper look at the trotter and one part of the hoof was hanging off. Think of losing a big toenail and you get the picture. I held a struggling pig, while Marcus clipped off the hoof and checked for infection. There was none.

A gentle wipe and a few squirts of antiseptic spray and the lad was allowed to scurry back into his corner where he eyed us both warily. He is now to be left alone and quiet for a few days to get back to match fitness. To say I'm relieved would be an understatement.


I, like the view said...

that's a relif - I shall sleep more soundly tonight!

when are you planning to be eating the pigs again?

hope the sun is shining for you - it's glorious here


Malc said...

The lads will be going to slaughter in March/April, maybe earlier if they carry on making the excellent progress they have so far.

The sun is failing to shine in the most emphatic way. The whole island, and probably the whole of Orkney, is sat in the middle of the dampest of clouds. You get soaked just walking out of the door, even though it's not really raining. Apart from feeding the animals, I've called it a day.

Glad the sun is shining for you. Get out in that garden and imagine the tree is still there.

ziggi said...

no! Have you not read Babe and Charlotte's Web! It's a rule that you can't kill/eat anything you've named!!!!

That's true!