Thursday, 22 November 2007

Mauve Stinger

Listening to: Walk Don't Run (The Ventures)
Watching: Harvey (James Stewart)
Trying: to stay warm
Because: the wind is hammering down from the north, we've had snow and hail.
Surf: 12ft and full of jellyfish

Heck! It seems the bloom/smack/fluther or jellyfish I saw on Taft End beach were the same variety that attacked a salmon farm off the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland, killing the entire stock.

They are called Mauve Stingers (a pretty funky name in my view) and, while they will give an adult human only a nasty sting, they are deadly to fish like salmon and cod.

Apart from Taft End, I've seen them at the next beach along on the south west of the island at Rapness Cemetery, while I spotted some at Swartmill on the other side of Westray today. That's more worrying because it's only a mile or so from the salmon and cod farms near Pierowall harbour.

For the full Antrim story check this link (sorry, it will have to be cut and paste, you know what I'm like with technology):

Jellyfish update: An expert has been on Radio 5 to say the bloom or whatever you want to call it is at least 200km long!


Dave said...

It's all down to global warming, so the Times told me yesterday. I will now replace my mental image of you wrapped in think weather-proof clothing, and assume that you're sitting on a deckchair on the beach, with a knotted handkerchief on your head to protect you from the sun.

Dave said...

thick, not think, obviously.

Reg Pither said...

I like jelly! Leave them alone.

Malc said...


Sorry, it's two fleeces, fur-lined boxers, lots of socks and a silly hat.


Have you had your tablets today?

Daphne said...

Sadly, my first thought was "Mauve Stingers! Great name for a band!" The worry about the environmental impact came rather later. But it's Friday afternoon and it's been a busy week, sorry.

Malc said...

Yep, I like that as a band name very much. I have a vision of lots of black leather/PVC and heavy eye-liner.