Thursday, 8 November 2007


Listening to: LA Woman (The Doors)
Drinking: PG Tips
Reading: Last Post (Max Arthur and First World War veterans)

All right then, it's time to confess. I thought I'd broken the ageing laptop I use to send you these bulletins from a rock in the North Atlantic/North Sea. With my recent track record, it would have been no surprise.

I called by brother-in-law Martin (a computer expert who brews a top-notch stout) this morning just to check that it was terminal and the conversation went like this:

"Hi Mart, how's yourself?"

"Fine Malc, what's up?"

"The laptop seems to have expired, shuffled off this mortal coil, gone to meet it's maker, bereft of life and so on."

*Sigh* "What is it with you and technology Malc?"

"What are you implying? Anyway, is there any chance for it or shall I put it on the pile with the kettle, washing machine, two TVs, microwave oven."

"Does it say anything on the screen?"

"Disk error."

"Look at the front of the machine. Is something sticking out?"

"Err. . . yup."

"Push it in and try again."


"Have you done that? Is it working?"

*embarrassed pause* *mumbling* "Yes Mart."

"That's the disk, you clown. It won't work if it's not pushed in all the way."

"Yes Mart. Thanks Mart."

Some of you may identify with this exchange. Everyone else feel free to point and laugh.


smart said...


Don't feel too bad about this. This is an 8 year-old laptop that had been previously fixed with components from a 10 year-old laptop.

I suspect it hasn't got much more service in it anyway.

Maybe time to consider a new model?


I, like the view said...

disc? I'm confused I thought a laptop was a computer, not a music system