Thursday, 1 November 2007

Happiness. . .

Listening to: Just Like Honey (Jesus and Mary Chain)
Weather: dry, cloudy, still. . . brief respite.
Reading: Aberdeen Press and Journal

I read an NME interview with Ian Dury many years ago and he said a cheese sandwich was as important to him as sex. As a 19/20-year-old, healthy, heterosexual male, I was horrified. What on Earth could be more important than sex?

Before you plump up the cushions and pour yourselves an extra large glass of something interesting, let me warn you that this is not going to be a stroll down the murkier byways of a pig farmer's private life.

No, the point Ian was making was that a cheese sandwich is as important as anything. . . it depends how hungry you are.

So it is that I'm sitting here with a freshly brewed pot of coffee and a slice of Orkney gingerbread (from the terrific Baking for Britain blog). The pigs are fed and cleaned, the hot water is back and I know how to fix it if it goes again, the hens have been cleaned out, many many bags of 10-year-old chicken manure have been set aside for the veg garden. Just for this particular moment, it could hardly be any better.


I, like the view said...


remember this moment should there be a problem with the trotter

there will always be problems, I imagine, but there will always be moments like this, I hope


ziggi said...

she's psychic!