Monday, 26 November 2007

D'oh! It's a no-go

Listening to: Film Star (Suede)
Weather: cloudy, but lovely (explain later)
Feeling: a little foolish

I was up bright and early this morning, whistling a happy tune, getting myself cleaned and polished for the trip into town.

The lousy weather of the weekend had given way to much-improved conditions. The wind had dropped off to a quiet breeze and, as I walked the dogs, the sun came up and I admired the greys, blues and even lavender in the sky.

The sea had stopped raging, a couple of fishing boats were making their way out into Westray Sound, and I could hear the birds properly for the first time in days.

I fed the pigs and the hens, nipped back into the house to put some more civilised clothes on and get everything ready. Wallet - yep. Cheque book - yep. Binoculars (birdwatching on the way) - yep. Ferry ticket - yep. Hat and gloves - yep, yep. OK, let's go.

I clambered into Lennox, turned the ignition and was rewarded with a sort of clicky-rattly-notstartingtheengine sort of a noise. A quick check revealed I had somehow knocked the inside light on yesterday. With only 20 minutes before the ferry was due there was no chance of charging the battery and no other vehicle to jump-start it off.

Oh bugger.

Still, I've rallied impressively, thanks in no small way to a plate of scrambled eggs on toast and a fresh pot of coffee. It really is a lovely day - time to get outside.

. . . and I'll get to Kirkwall tomorrow. Or maybe Wednesday.


smart said...

What you need is a bicycle - there is no more reliable transport (other thank Shank's pony) and it's only a short flat distance to the ferry.

Malc said...

Interesting theory. Remember, though, you were here during the summer when there was a marked absence of howling gales. Not to mention the fact I'm not exactly aerodynamic.

Unless, of course, you are trying to get rid of the two bikes festering away in your garage.

See you in a couple of weeks.

The Birdwatcher said...

I think you finding reasons to avoid civilisation and the fleshpots of Kirkwall.