Friday, 9 November 2007

Chillin' out

Listening to: Candy Skin (Fire Engines)
Reading: A Clockwork Orange
Weather: Breezy, dry, very cold
Surf: About a quarter of what it was yesterday

Well, we got through the first of Mother Nature's big tests pretty much unscathed and today has been almost pleasant by comparison, although three hours in the veg garden and pig shed left me cold all the way through.

A few bits of rusty guttering were finally dislodged by the gusts which during the middle of the day were hitting 90mph, but that just saves me the bother of getting them down myself. Pigs, hens, dogs, cat, trainee pig farmer, house and outbuildings are all intact, although the sign at the end of the drive is now at a jaunty angle. I'll get down there with my big hammer tomorrow.

The only real casualty was the ageing laptop. The power went off at 5.30 yesterday while I was in the middle of trying to order some bits for the electric fence (irony). By the time the power had returned three hours later, then gone off and come on a couple of times more, it seemed too much for the poor old thing to bear and it came up with ERROR 24 on the screen and refused to budge, even when I used my full technical knowledge and unplugged everything and plugged it back in again.

A call to Martin this morning confirmed my fears, so I'm going to get my finger out, spend some money on a nice new PC. As a result I'm writing this at Mr and Mrs D's house, eating Mrs D's fabulous, very gooey flapjacks (a recipe will be forthcoming as soon as our top team of interrogators have finished with her).


ziggi said...

has it been windy then??

fiwa said...

Well, at least you have one under your belt (storm). Is that as bad as they get, or do the winds get higher?

I can't wait to hear the flapjack recipe. Are flapjacks the same things as pancakes?

Anonymous said...

hee hee, the weather is silly at the moment. The other day, I walked into a building beneath clement skies, picked up a piece of paper from a nearby room and returned to find a veritable monsoon framed in the doorway.

My nan makes excellent gooey flapjacks. Its the only thing my mum can't match :)

I, like the view said...

ooooh flapjack

my mother used to make a really crisp crunchy version, and then I can remember going to tea at someone else's house and their mother had made a really sticky gooey syrupy version. . .

I prefer either to porridge (but would have a slice of treacle tart - made with oats, rather than breadcrumbs - anyday, especially as used to be served at The Galleon in Polzeath with a dollop of clotted cream on the side)

wishing you continuing good luck with it all


Malc said...


A little, yes


Not a pancake. All will become clear.


Isn't Britain great.


This version manages to be both crisp and gooey all at the same time. I'm off to North Cornwall with the boy next month, so will try to stop off at the Galleon.

Thanks for the good wishes, as ever.

I, like the view said...

(it's changed ownership - now run by the people who run the original surf school, Surfs Up; food gone downhill massively)