Thursday, 1 November 2007

Bubble bursts

That'll teach me. Having sounded off about how great everything is. . . we had a drama.

Spike got out again and made a B-line (bee-line?) for the pig shed where he got in and spent a couple of minutes chasing Eric and Ernie around.

Dave the cycle repair man, who was doing some plumbing work for me, got him out and nobody seemed any the worse.

But when I gave the boys their tea a little later Eric was unable to put his back foot down. I tried not to panic and had a look. He was eating fine and the only damage appears to be to his trotter. Marcus is coming to have a look in the morning and I hope between us we can get the wound cleaned and treated.


I, like the view said...

for some reason I am now saying, as a kind of good luck mantra for you

"this little piggie went to market,
this little piggie stayed at home. . ."

hope all is well with the trotter

The Birdwatcher said...

Sorry to hear about Eric. How is Godber by the way, I was assuming no news etc....

Reg Pither said...

Did anyone, by any chance, drop their trousers during all of this just as the doorbell rang and a vicar came in to find a semi-naked woman hiding in the wardrobe? No Bacon Please We're Orknoid?

ziggi said...

did you not dip it in dettol straight away?

hope he's ok and I was also wondering about Godber - how's she?

that's what happens when rhapsodise over cheese sandwiches you blockhead.

Malc said...

Dipped the trotter in a mix of soapy water and dettol last night. Checked Eric this morning and it's obviously very painful, much like losing a toe-nail. However, he was just as enthusiastic with the pre-breakfast jostling and got stuck in lustily. Marcus (who does the vet work on the island) is due up here any time now to have a look and maybe clip and clean.

Malc said...

Godber is recovering slowly, managing to get up on a perch without help now, which is just as well because I'm a big baby about handling hens.

Malc said...


The penny has just dropped! It only took six hours! Duh!!! Blockhead. Very funny.