Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A touch of the Oddies

Listening to: Time Is On My Side (Rolling Stones)
Drinking: Kenco coffee
Weather: bright morning sunshine

This is the best kind of birdwatching, sitting back in your own kitchen, sipping coffee and having something special set before you.

There's a curlew in the top field, by the fence nearest the house. It's on the lookout for worms and grubs, strutting around in a thorough search of the area, its long bill sliding effortlessly into the soil, emerging from time to time with another piece of breakfast.

It's about five yards away from the window, the yellow sunshine picking out every last detail of a very beautiful bird. I would take a picture, but the camera is in the front room and I'm here. I'll remember it though.


Z said...

That is marvellous. Earlier, I stopped on the drive for the six pheasants eating acorns. They moved across to the grass and just sat there. Didn't mind me at all. Can't match the curlew though.

Reg Pither said...

So you got that picture off the internet!!!! Admit it, you were looking at a big of a leggy starling having supped your own weight in Orkneys Bowel Evacuation (again!!).

Linz said...

hehe your not suposes to tell people that you where looking out your window your surposes to say that after many hours of crawling around on all four you discovered this lovely bird lol

The Birdwatcher said...

You lucky B*****d. We only get Curlews for a fleeting period during late spring and summer. The Goyt is a sad and lonley place without them.

Malc said...


There is something special about curlews. Maybe it's the big beak. . . bit like Barbra Streisand.


Bang to rights as usual.


Birdwatching on Orkn ey is like shooting fish in a barrel.


The curlews are here for much of the year. There's a flock of lapwing in the bottom field this morning. The geese (greylag mostly) and swans have only just left. The beaches are busy with. . . well, all sorts. It's birdwatch Nirvana.

Malc said...


I should point out that I don't use a gun when birdwatching. Or a barrel. Or fish.

I, like the view said...

it is such a beautiful and elegant fowl, isn't it

and reading about the edge of nowhere at the moment brings me a feeling of calm and satisfaction and relaxation* which is wonderful - thank you

(*whilst knowing that there is a lot of hard work and the odd disaster going on in the background)

Malc said...


You'd have loved today. Sunny, windy, cold, but spectacular and things got done quietly with no disasters - hurrah! Back inside for cocoa now.

Linz said...

hehe, I am quick lucky am right next to the Devon which i am told has so rare birds :)
found your blog via TAS byw