Saturday, 20 October 2007

Just this once. . . part 2

Listening to: Heart and Soul (Joy Division)
Reading: The Orcadian small ads
Weather: dull and overcast, but getting better
Birdwatch: Starlings. . . in the fields, on the house, in the pig shed, on the fences. Everywhere!

There's peace surrounding the croft today. The hens are clucking about happily, Eric and Ernie are emerging from their straw bed like a couple of bleary-eyed teenagers, the soakaway behind the barn is almost complete, the weather is brightening up.

I've made a coffee with my new kettle and I'm sitting by a window with a view over the sea to Rousay and Orkney mainland further south. I'm happy.

There's the rugby to look forward too. I will resist the temptation to be grumpy and chunter on about how Ireland have beaten England four times out of the last five. Fair play, my lads screwed up on a grand scale, while England have made the most of their limited resources.

Instead, I'm off to the hotel bar again where Mrs Hotel Proprietor is making a curry and my buttocks will be well settled into a chair come kick-off.

I will be putting all Anglo-Celtic rivalry to one side to support England, even though it's going to take a small miracle for them to win. They've performed one miracle already, getting to the final.

The snag is that this bloke. . .

. . . doesn't want England to win the World Cup. For those who don't know, this is Os du Randt or the Ox. He's the throbbing heartbeat of Afrikaaner rugby and I wouldn't fancy 80 minutes packing down against him.

He's just one reason why the Springboks are a different proposition to the lightweight Aussies and the moody French. The others include Brian Habana (competition's fastest man and top scorer) and Percy Montgomery (pretty boy with lovely blonde locks, but the best full-back in the world. If England kick as much possession away as they did last week, Percy will slaughter them. He's also kicking better than Wilkinson). Bobby Skinstad, one of the world's greatest back row players, is on the bench. Enough said.

It doesn't look good for an England team who have played well for two weeks out of the last four years, but fingers will be crossed here on Westray and, for the sake of people like Reg and other mutants back in the Midlands, brother-in-law Mart, the Birdwatcher at the wedding in Edinburgh and many others, I hope the men in white can pull it off.

FOOTNOTE: A poor unfortunate soul has just run in to Radio 5. It's his birthday today and his girlfriend is insisting they go to see the musical Stepping Out in Derby tonight. Unbelievable!


I, like the view said...

he's very pretty

(the one with the dyed blonde hair, not The Ox)

I, like the view said...

(altho he does look like a girl; whereas The Ox looks like, erm, a man)

Malc said...

He looks like about two blokes if you ask me.