Saturday, 13 October 2007

The Disappeared

Listening to: Le Build-up
What's for tea?: dunno yet
Weather: autumn sunshine, clouding over a bit

I've just been up to the veg garden where I planted out some lettuce seedlings the other day (Little Gem, seeing as you asked). Of the 36 seedlings I planted, 28 are still a going concern - not bad, considering it was, at best, an experiment to test the conditions.

A couple of others had wilted, gone a bit brown and were clearly dead/dying, while the rest had disappeared completely.

You can't blame the rabbits (of which there are a multitude) because I have made a sort of tunnel made out of bits from the old (now scraped) battery cages that were in the shed when we moved in.

Mice? But then why only a handful of seedlings? It's not something new - in all my years of gardening and allotment-holding it has always happened and it has always puzzled me. Ideas would be welcome as I'm about to put in a row of Parella Red and some winter cabbage.


I, like the view said...

maybe some are just duds?

I once had a manual on self sufficiency, but it's in a box somewhere in a pile of boxes and it might not have covered the mysterious disappearance of Little Gem from your veggie bed anyhow. . .

perhaps they slipped thru a rip in the fabric of the space-time continuum and will emerge as Huge Diamonds in some lucky girl's bed somewhere or other

*dreams on*

sorry - not a very helpful comment!

Malc said...

Thing you're probably right - about the duds, not the diamonds sadly. It's a fantastic idea and possibly the all-time solution to Christmas presents.

Wonder if your self-sufficiency manual is by John Seymour - the self-styled father of self-sufficiency. Lots of helpful information, but if you tried to do it all the day would have to be extended to 36 hours.