Monday, 17 September 2007

Way out West

Listening to: Better Days (Jimmy Cliff)
Eating: out

It's Mrs Wannabe Pig Farmer's birthday today so we decided to get the waterproofs and binoculars on and set out to the cliffs on the west side of the island.

There's a five(ish)-mile walk along the edge to the Noup Head lighthouse where there's an RSPB reserve. We spotted gannets, fulmars, black-backed gulls, great northern divers, turnstones, oystercatchers, shags (pause for childish sniggering), lapwings, rock pigeons and (maybe) a hen harrier.

We hadn't got round to going before and it was hard getting my head around the idea that I wasn't on holiday, just taking a day off a couple of miles from home.

Oh yeah. . . Spike isn't pink any more. He's gone Dale Winton orange. Don't know which is worse.


Fish said...

well, after pink, any change is welcome, isnt it?

I, like the view said...


hope Mrs WPF had a lovely day!

(from a nearby sometime haunt of mine above the Thames I see swans - don't know which sort, a grey heron, two different types of gull, cormorants, various common or garden geese and ducks, London pigeons - not nearly as interesting as your list!)

Reg Pither said...

Sorry mate, this is not something I instigated, but you have been tagged. See my blog for an explanation. Sorry again.

Malc said...


Try telling that to the panthers.


Your wishes passed on and welcomed. Any list of birds is worth watching.


Don't begin to understand - what the hell is going on?

I, like the view said...

(I also live near the London Wetlands - which had lots of very exotic feathered friends stopping off on their various migrations)

(re reg's tag - be pleased your name is only four letters long. . .)

Fish said...

I'm sorry I started this epidemic, but I was tagged by an American, and didnt realy think Reg would take it seriously.

I see your point. Spike isnt getting depressed is he?

Malc said...

Spike's fine - he escaped twice today. Milly on the other hand. . .