Thursday, 13 September 2007

Pigs in limbo

Listening to: Tres Hombres (ZZ Top)
Scratching: midge bites
Excited: Led Zep reunion!!!

As Napoleon said when he saw Blucher riding to Wellington's rescue at Waterloo: "Oh bollocks!"

I try to keep this a no-swearing zone, but what the fucking hell is going on in Surrey. Hilary Benn is on TV now and, much as I love his dad, he clearly has no idea what he's doing. Who thought it was a good idea to put a vegetarian in charge of livestock farming anyway. Give me strength!

Another foot and mouth outbreak means my pigs are stuck on the farm near Thurso. At this rate, by the time they get here they will be complaining about their arthritis and swopping stories about the Great War.

It's a huge blow because we are grinding to a halt here on Westray. We can't touch the house while we find out whether we are eligible for grants, the chicken wire hasn't showed up yet so we haven't got any hens, I've cleared the veg garden, but can't plant anything, we're still waiting for the new water tank and hot water cylinder (that's right, we're still going to the neighbours for a shower).

But it's a lovely clear morning, the wind is clearing away the midges who came out and mugged me yesterday. It's hard to be really grumpy on a day like today. Sod it, I'm off for a surf.


I, like the view said...

this reminds me of Sesame Street's Pigs in Space and also some starter from Abigail's Party (probably) Pigs in Blankets and now I'm thinking Angels on Horseback which makes me think of both an Annie Lenox song I heard on the radio the other day and the Atlantic breakers in Polzeath (just down the coast from Port Isaac!)(and I agree with you about the Three Tuns altho I prefered a pub on the river just along from Ironbridge called The Wood Bridge I think) and that makes me think that I never hear Beach Boys toons on the radio, so maybe I ought to listen to a different station or just use my iPod more often

(and I haven't even touched the sherry yet)

have a great day in the sunshine!

Malc said...

The Wood Bridge at Jackfield, there's a thought. Might do a revision. It's windy and rainy here now - that's the fun of living on Westray!
Polzeath is a top surf spot, but gets too crowded in the summer. The boy and I were in there last New Year's Day. Hardcore maybe, but certain more tender parts weren't the same for days.
Harvey's is it?