Saturday, 29 September 2007

Paradise. . . no parking lot

Listening to: Come As You Are (Nirvana)
What's for tea?: homemade pizza
Eggs: Yep
Weather: sunshine all the way

No point going on too much today. I've been digging at the back of the barn, walking the dogs down on the Links at Westray and enjoying a quiet lunchtime pint.

The weather here is outstanding. It's a summer day only at the wrong time of year. The sky is blue in a way Coventry City can only dream of, while the sea is flat calm and a beautiful shiny, rich blue that makes you just want to dive into it.

It's one of those days when you are convinced you have gone to heaven just a little bit early.


The Birdwatcher said...

Your're very lucky! It sounds like paradise and no Mrs Wannabe Pig Farmer either.


Reg Pither said...

Pity about the Argentina game though, eh? Bet that ruffled the sea and put the sun out a bit?

Malc said...

Yep, not impressed in the slightest by 'the best Ireland team ever', or by Mr O'Sullivan's "it's one of those things" attitude. The whole thing reminded me horribly of England at the football World Cup. Complacent management and players who believed their own publicity.

Arabella said...

Sounds lovely. Oh for a nairn with a bit of cheddar.

Malc said...

Westray's own oatcakes are rougher and chunkier, but far more interesting than Nairn's - trust me.