Thursday, 13 September 2007

Duvet day

Listening to: No Quarter (Led Zep)
Eating: these really nice little choccy biccies 'Dangerous' bought yesterday
Revelling: in the wonders of nature

The foot and mouth thing genuinely upset me today, so it really was a case of "take a deep breath and get on with it Malc, having first put the toys back in the pram".

Mrs Wannabe Pig Farmer has just finished a hectic couple of weeks as assistant cook at the local hotel and decided to have a duvet day - the latest Rebus novel taking one hell of a battering I suspect.

I decided to head for the the beach with surf gear and the two younger dogs in tow.

The waves were not as good as I'd hoped, so getting stripped down to my smalls in a stiff westerly didn't hold too many attractions. Not only that, but a group of about 30 seals were hauled out on the sand.

So I sat on a rock with the binoculars and watched for half-an-hour while the dogs flushed rabbits out in the dunes. We're home now listening to the rain batter against the windows, hoping that the one held in with duck tape doesn't give way.


Reg Pither said...

You wanna be careful stripping down to your smalls in a stiff westerly - seals eat maggots, you know!

I, like the view said...

could you teach the dogs to bring you the rabbits? then you'd have a tasty stew au lapin for supper and could make some warming undergarments out of the skins!

just a thought

(oh! here's another one
: I spent Millenium Day on the beach at Polzeath, in a pea souper of a fog - really really weird experience)

Malc said...

Sadly, Owen the collie/spaniel cross is too dim and Spike the Jack Russell a little too slow to actually catch anything. That's why I'm getting a gun. Ever tried rabbit satay? Rabbit undies, now there's a thought. Where would the ears go?