Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Dangerous Ray

Listening to: Surfin Safari (Beach Boys)
Watching: Ireland struggle to beat the Dagenham Girl Pipers at the Rugby World Cup

Martin and Kathy caught the boat to Kirkwall this morning to start their journey south, the last of this summer's visitors to leave.

There's a kind of 'holiday's over' feel about the place today and I tatted around, trying to get some stock fencing in place - not easy on your own - and digging out another bed in the veg garden.

I've also applied for a job - as a fireman. Titter ye not. Had a very nice chat with the firebosschappy in Kirkwall and providing I pass the fitness test (yeah, right!) the helmet and boots are mine.

We've also had to get the father-in-law patched up after his latest escapade in the field of extreme sports.

Having set himself up as a sort of latter-day Hemingway with his pursuit of fish, large or otherwise, Ray has clearly decided to branch out.

A few days ago, he decided the leak in the porch needed attention and started rigging up some kind of frame to divert water away. To attach the frame he needed to climb up a ladder and knock it in place.

Now, bear in mind he's 79, 5ft 4in and not exactly porky. . . and he decided to do the work at about 9pm. Sal was alerted to a clatter outside the front door and rushed out to find Ray had taken up base jumping without the parachute and was laid out on the flagstone path at the front of the house.

He was rushed down to the surgery where he received some stitches and a few strong words of 'advice' from Sal concerning the whole area of heights, ladders, upcoming 80th birthdays and how she'd like him to see it.

Seriously, he's a lucky boy, and has had an outing to Kirkwall today for an x-ray which revealed that his foot wasn't broken, at least.

He followed that up a couple of nights ago in the Cleaton House Hotel, our local, by leaping Peter Shilton-like across the bar for no apparent reason. Mind you, he didn't spill a drop of his Talisker - my hero!

PIG UPDATE: The foot-and-mouth restrictions were lifted last weekend for every animal - you've got it - except pigs. I swear they are doing this to annoy me.

So, the lads will be ready to rock in a couple of weeks - arriving here on Westray at the end of the month.


Reg Pither said...

A fireman!! A bloody fireman!! Easy life - well, up there it will be. I mean, they "never turned a wheel" when the set fire to Edward Woodward in that film, did they?

I, like the view said...

hope the helmet and boots come in handy!