Monday, 6 August 2007

This never showed up on the survey

Listening to: Reason is Treason (Kasabian)
Eating: singed shortbread
Weather report: north wind, squally showers, mist

Well, we got my father-in-law back indoors without calling up the lifeboat crew, but the rain kept hammering down and large pools have formed behind the barn and the house.

The flow of water through the barn is just about under control, but I was alarmed by the several inches sloshing around below the kitchen window.

Westray is generally low-lying, but the backbone of the island runs along the back of our smallholding. The house is just below, and all the water runs off the slope to the back of the property.

With no drains worth speaking of, we've got a bit of a damp problem. That's where Delia came in very handy.

Delia is a trenching tool - a long-handled shovel with a pointed end, ideal for getting down deep in the dirt. Why Delia? it's green and canary yellow, Norwich City colours. Not that interesting really.

I got down to it and by teatime, we had a trench full of water and a big pile of mud. It'll do for now, but I've got a nasty feeling I'm in for the workout of my life when it comes to digging out the whole of the back of the house. Anyone got a JCB I can borrow for a few weeks?


smart said...

And we thought it was bad being at the back of Y Giler Arms in the drizzle on Saturday!
By the way ... how come Y Giler didn't get in your top 10?
seeya soon
M & K

Arabella said...

I hope you give the FIL a day off once a month. Or you'll have the inspectors round.

If a JCB is not availible consider bribing the nearest Scout troup with promises of all-you-can-drink lemonade, and don't let them leave...
Not that I think rural life is sinister or anything.....

Malc said...

Smart. . .

Bubbling under - Y Giler between Christmas and New Year perhaps not the best time for a sound judgement.

Arabella. . .

Nearest scout troupe is an hour-and-a-half away on the ferry. Dib, dib, glug, splutter.