Monday, 20 August 2007

Rising damp

Listening to: Hurricane (Neil Young)
Drinking: Tennents Lager (last resort)

Here's one for all you irony fans. Before the weekend we endured two days without running water, fetching the stuff into the house in buckets from the well.

Now the living room/kitchen is full of the stuff, the 'carpet' making that sickening squelching noise when trodden on as water drips at an alarming rate out of the old stove. The stopcock is jammed firmly on and won't budge, so the only option is to get the bowls out to catch the drips and to drain the tank.

The stove has been there since God knows when and we were surprised on moving in to find out that we could actually light a fire in it and get a tank of hot water. The inside of the stove was shot to bits with rust, so its demise comes as no surprise.

So, I'm waiting for all the water to drain out so the pipes can be disconnected and capped and I can get on with ripping out the fireplace. Hope the wall doesn't come away with it.


TG said...

Hello, got addicted to following the blog, keep it up, the more the better.

Having all this trouble with a stove & water, can't wait until the pigs arrive.

Like a cross between 'The Good Life' and 'Some mothers do av em', sweet.

Bring on the nexr episode.

TG said...

Oh by the way its Tom.

smart said...

I'm glad I'll be bringing my own home when I come to visit: beryl
But will there be any drinkable water?

smart said...

I knew Westray was hell of a distance from the middle of England, but I didn't realise it was 8 timezones away!

I am posting this at 21:06 GMT but the blog thinks it is 13:06.

(Malc, I think you need to change your timezone.)

Malc said...

Imagine Tom and Barbara with 'Westray Hair' and you've got it pretty close.

How do you alter the time zone, anyway?

Reg Pither said...

....apart from that, things ok?