Sunday, 5 August 2007

Really quite irritating

Listening to: Take The Floor (Radio Scotland)
Drinking: Earl Grey
Reading: trashy historical fiction

The foot and mouth outbreak - which has caused a ban on all farm animal movement nationwide - seems to have been traced to a government research 'installation'.

This centre at Pirbright has apparently been falling apart due to cuts in government funding, so something nasty seems to have leaked out, forcing the destruction of at least two previously healthy cattle herds.

Now I know we all chortled when Bernard Matthews was exposed as the factory-farming total bastard that he is and were chuffed to bits that the reputation his firm's products was wrecked by the bird 'flu outbreak at one of his 'farms', but the truth is that a large number of livestock farmers actually give a monkeys about their animals.

I've no idea what kind of farmers the two in Surrey are, but fact that many decent people in the UK have been living in fear of a new foot and mouth outbreak thanks to what looks like government incompetance is inexcusable.

On the up side, it's a beautiful morning here on Westray. There's golden morning sunlight glittering off the sea. I can see every fold of the hills of the neighbouring island of Rousay and the Brough of Birsay on Orkney Mainland is shimmering in the distance.


Arabella said...

It's downright scary, that's what it is.

Have to ask: which trashy historical novel? Promise not to laugh.

Malc said...

The fourth one in the Emporer series by Conn Iggulden - based on Julius Caesar. Bit like the BBC TV series but with more violence and far less shagging.

Arabella said...

Doh - and I was hoping for Jean Plaidy!

Malc said...

You've been talking to Reg, haven't you?