Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Peasant in the big shitty

Listening to: Orange Crush (REM)
Feeling: out of place
Driving: and driving and driving

I've escaped the islands for a few days and the whole thing has unsettled me and made me realise just how different everything is.

Having had to run my daughter back to Shrewsbury to continue her education, I decided to hang on for a few days to check on old friends, buy a trailer for the pigs and visit my son, currently giving Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver sleepless nights as a trainee chef at a hotel in the middle of Dartmoor. He's already better than Worrall Thompson, if you ask me.

I'm a bit freaked out, to be honest. I've only been away a month, but I have to think hard when I leave the car, remembering not to chuck keys, wallet and iPod on the dashboard and wander off, leaving the door ajar.

It was good to see the lad obviously happy and doing all right, good to wander into the pub in Wolverhampton and have my chum Mr W greet me with a "hello mate" as if I had just wandered in from the office.

There are a couple of other people I want to see, but suspect I won't get the chance - time and circumstance being the bitter enemies of love and friendship.

I'll be on my way back North in a few days - once the ferry strike is over - and I have to collect the pigs from Thurso on Monday. Can't wait!

In the meantime, if you see me wandering around looking lost, be nice, buy me beer.


Arabella said...

Hello Wolves, hello pigs!

Malc said...

Don't think I've got any puff left!