Monday, 13 August 2007

Help, help here come the bears

Listening to: Ever Fall In Love With Someone (The Buzzcocks)
Reading: The Naming of the Dead (Ian Rankin)

I've taken to wearing a hat just lately and I'm sorry, but it's a baseball cap. No fashion statement or anything like that - it's just a way of avoiding the phenomenon known as Westray Hair.

You might have gathered that it can get a little breezy up here and one step outside the door can wreck half-an-hour's serious work on the barnet, not that I do anything more than a hasty reorganisation in front of the mirror, he said, backtracking like mad and regretting starting this post.

Anyhoo. . . it's far worse for my 14-year-old daughter, who is still wandering around as if she can't quite believe that somewhere without a New Look and a Costas exists. She spent a good 20 minutes the other day straightening her long curly hair and looked pretty chuffed with the result.

Two minutes outside the front door and a salty, L'Oreal-defying breeze soon sorted her out into a shaggy perm. Hang on, I've got a spare cap.


Reg Pither said...

How the fuck can ANYTHING mess up YOUR hair???? You are the Marge Simpson of the Orkneys - I've told you before. Wind cannot weather that barnet. All you have to do is file down the edges every morning and off you go again!
As for your previous posts, sorry I haven't commented but I'm used to you only posting when there is a Q in the month.
Don't tell me about Lloyds Bank - or Fucking Lloyds Fucking TSB Fucking Bank as it is correctly known.
As for Wolves - did you really, really, really, really, really expect anything else? We drew with the mightly Bournemouth, Saddlers drew, Albion lost, Villa lost, I think the Blue lost. You're not alone.

Malc said...

Actually, I'm a bit worried as I get up most mornings looking like a cross between Nigel Lawson (fat era) and Douglas Hurd (without the alarming voice). Any ideas?

Arabella said...

For the winter you have simply got to order one of those plaid hunting caps from the L.L Bean catalogue. Then you'll know about 'hat hair'.