Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Getting my kicks on the B9066

Listening to: Sexy Eyes (Dr Hook, under protest)
Dodging: the rain
Drinking: Orkney Northern Light (5,000 years in the making, it says here)

Driving around Westray is a pretty relaxed business with few vehicles and only a couple of B-roads with lanes running up to farms and cottages dotted around the island.

But you can't afford to take your eye off the ball - as I found as I passed a slow-moving van on the main road along the island, only to find it was following a five-year-old learning to ride his bike. (Another three or four years and he'll be driving).

Something else to think about is the habit the 600 islanders have of waving to each other at every opportunity, particularly in cars.

I like to think I'm a friendly sort of cove, so I took to this straight away, but have toned down the manic leaning out of the window "Helllloooooo" to a kind of cross between a wave and an index finger salute, hand NEVER leaving the wheel. It seems to do the trick.

Visitors are included in this, I think, so should any of you venture this far north, we really wanna see those fingers.


Arabella said...

That same finger wave, or twitch, is common in the west of Ireland.
As you don't live in the UK (!) what side of the road, if any, do you drive on?

Malc said...

I'm still uptight enough to favour the left, but it's all a matter of taste really. Plod appears on the island only once in a while, so as long as you don't actually run into anything. . .

Reg Pither said...

You'd be going around in one of them new fangled horseless carriages, I suppose?
Also, you know why there are no coppers on the island, don't you? Yes, look what happened to the last one - that nice Mr Woodward.

Malc said...

Blimey, it's taken a while for the firs Wicker Man reference!