Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Only when I laugh

Listening to: Clash City Rockers (The Clash - obviously)
Watching: Casualty
Playing: Doctors and nurses
Drinking: Complan
Smelling of: Deep Heat

Oh terrific! Six days to blast-off and I find myself on the injured list - at least it's a sporting injury, something to be treasured at my age.

I've just been down to Devon with my 16-year-old son to sort out his apprenticeship as a chef in a hotel in the middle of Dartmoor, stopping over at my mother's house nearby.

A spare day presented the perfect opportunity to go off to the north Cornwall coast for our first surf of the year, so the boards were strapped to the car and we set off for Polzeath.

Waves were rolling in as I was helped into my wetsuit, ignoring the smirks of passing tourists and the sudden interest of the Norwegian whaling fleet, and the boy (quite the surfing expert these days) and myself spent a pleasant morning zooming around, trying not to swallow too much salt water.

A stop-off at the Crows Nest in Port Isaac (currently in at No. 6 in Malc's worldwide pub top 10) for the seafood platter for two (whole lobster, crab, prawns, sea bass, mackerel and so on) added to the jollity and we arrived back at mother's tired, but happy little boys.

Predictably, at the age of 46, my first surf for more than six months left me stiff and sore the next morning. Nothing to fret about, I thought, and we set off for the trudge up the M5.

Somewhere along the way, something must have tightened up disastrously because, by the time we reached Shrewsbury, my upper arm muscles were - for want of a better phrase - giving me jip.

Sal tried rubbing some Deep Heat in - nowhere near as much fun as it sounds - while I tried a couple of pints of my favourite Dublin-brewed anaesthetic. A much-broken night later, I'm on the sofa in the front room, prevented from any serious packing by the wife-imposed no-lifting rule.

So, with a physio appointment at the local hospital taking up to two months to come through, it looks like I'm in a supervisory role for next Tuesday's move to Westray.

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