Monday, 23 April 2007

Stalked by the Lib-Dems

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I've said it before, but Shrewsbury is a delightful place. OK, it has it's problems, just as any town of 60,000 people does, but in the main, it's a peaceful, friendly spot.

That's why I'm outraged that we appear to have been targeted by the scumbags from the British National Party at next month's council elections.

Apparently we are just the kind of people that these retards believe are ripe for conversion to their cause.

I know they have spent a lot of time and energy trying to pose as a legitimate political party, but they are anything but. They are a bunch of violent headcases who really believe that the colour of someone's skin, their language or the place they were born makes them somehow better than someone else.

Don't believe any of the tripe about how good they are at getting your bin emptied or tidying up your street. When elected, BNP councillors have invariably proved lazy, stupid and ineffective. Many also have convictions for violent crimes.

So, in view of all that, I strolled out on Sunday morning with my brother-in-law, nephew and son to spread the word.

I'd done this before, the last time being in the Ashmore Park area of Wolverhampton where we were persued by two carloads of fascist chimps.

It therefore came as little surprise to find ourselves being stalked as we made our way around the Sundorne area of Shrewsbury. But hello, what's this? A change of image for Nick Griffin's stormtroopers?

Gathered in the car park of the Coracle pub was a sight more terrifyig than 100 skinheads. Beards, sandals, NHS specs? A sight that should strike fear into the hardest of hearts. The Lib Dems were out and about, tooled up and ready for action.

My bowels have only just settled.

Incidentally, the party formerly known as Labour has, in many areas refused to co-operate with anti-BNP campaigning. Clearly too worried about upsetting the Daily Mail/Sun readers. Hang your heads in shame.

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Reg Pither said...

Steer clear of those vicious Lib Dem bastards! It's just not worth it. They gang up on you and before you know it you're at one of their bring-and-buy sales, running a tombola or route marched to a production of Henry V in Stratford! Give me shaven-headed, mindless yobbery any day.