Thursday, 8 February 2007

Those We Leave Behind

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(Paul Weller)

The snag with big life changes is that they are exactly that - big life changes.

Where exactly do all the relationships you have spent years, months, weeks , even days building, fit in?

I'm halfway through an afternoon/evening session with one of my two best pals, someone who has given time, energy and patience to support me in the past and for who I would happily do the same.

The fact that in three weeks time I will be 600 miles away, unable to pop round for a beer and a chat/laugh/go on the trivia machine, is hard to deal with.

I am realising just how many people I care about. From my 14-year-old daughter who only has to walk through the door to make me smile, right up (or down) to my former colleagues on the local newspaper.

A plan to be on your own for five months on a remote Scottish island sounds romantic enough, but the reality of leaving your friends behind and exchanging regular contact with the once-a-year (maybe) visit is something that is coming harder than I expected.

If you know me already you will know I am a romantic, sentimental dreamer and I refuse to be any other way, but I am going to miss every last one of you more than words can adequately describe.

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